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Three CSA boxes in a row

Because of going to TIFF, and rescheduling boxes, I’ve had three CSA boxes in a row. Here’s what was in each one, with what I’ve made so far listed following various vegetables. Pictures to follow when I have better light. September 24: Red potatoes, 3.5 lb – green bean casserole* Italian beans, 1.75 lb – green […]

A cultural week

Rach got here on Monday and we had those big salads I was talking about last Sunday, topped with everything in the fridge, plus leftovers. Tabouli, beets, egg, leftover shrimp and steak, red wine vinegar vinaigrette made with scallions, because I had no garlic. On Tuesday I went to a reception at a library conference […]

Not sure what to call this one…

I started writing down a bunch of random impressions on Tuesday, and now it’s Friday and I’m in Texas. At the metadata conference, that was in Pittsburgh the last time I went. On Monday, Rach and I went for a nice long walk in the morning. I felt like I was getting stuff done, but […]

Vegetable heaven

  OK yea, I know it’s the title of a Mollie Katzen book – but it’s what we had for dinner tonight. I wanted to get using up veggies from my CSA box, and leftover from Food for Thought. I had a meeting on the west end of campus, and came home early after that, […]


I’ve been wanting to make ramen salad – it seems like an early summer dish. I’ve been tinkering with the recipe – in 2006, I thought you needed to put in the seasoning packs, and use lots of sugar. More recently, I have switched to the Mollie Katzen point of view – when cooking with […]

Conference Sunday

  Sunday morning it was the OCLC update breakfast – a chance to hear about what’s new at the big global library consortium, delivered in a talk by the president and CEO. For as long as I’ve been going to these, probably about 15 years, OCLC has had the same president, a guy named Jay […]

Happy birthday to me

Sunday. It was kind of a funny one. Got up, probably too early for a birthday, and did a little yoga because it was raining, so I could neither walk nor bike to the co-op for more groceries for vegan dinner part 2. I did my 15-minute Rodney Yee AM stretch, followed by a 5-minute […]

Black Friday Thanksgiving

This year we had our Thanksgiving on Black Friday instead of Thursday. It was a little weird; feeling out of sync with the rest of the world – I went for a walk on Friday while the bird was in the oven – as I often do on the Thursday – and I knew that […]

Saturday afternoon

I’m making the vegetable pie on the cover of the January Bon Apetit, with modifications, chiefly I’m leaving out the eggplant & fennel because those aren’t vegetables I generally have on hand in January. I’ve got roasted tomatoes & red bell pepper from the freezer. I’ve got sweet potato from the indoor farmers market today. […]

More weeknight cooking ….

…or, I tried. I had big ideas about using up lots of odds & ends from the fridge, in various dishes – but I still ended up throwing food away – UN-characteristically, at least I hope. I made the last of the caramelized onions from the  galettes into onion dip with creme frâiche and sour […]