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Advising week

Advising week this year – which was last week already – at the library school probably wasn’t as busy as some. I had about 17 30-minute student appointments and last spring it was 21. I think I had more other meetings in between and all around the student appointments this year, though. I’m feeling uninspired […]

Tuesday thoughts about the weekend past

Friday was Mark’s 64th birthday. I made a pie on Thursday night, so that we could come home after the first Madison symphony of the season on Friday and have pie and ice cream. We went out for dinner on Saturday, and I made his request for brunch on Sunday, but I don’t think I […]

Not sure what to call this one…

I started writing down a bunch of random impressions on Tuesday, and now it’s Friday and I’m in Texas. At the metadata conference, that was in Pittsburgh the last time I went. On Monday, Rach and I went for a nice long walk in the morning. I felt like I was getting stuff done, but […]

Almost Saturday Night

With apologies to Dave Edmunds. [and this was only started when it was almost Saturday night; finished on Sunday] I guess, since I haven’t written since Wednesday, and even then was writing about Sunday – we are due for a wrap-up. Wednesday was Mark’s birthday. We took him out for dinner at Pig in a […]

School Woods 6th Anniversary

October 22 is School Woods official birthday – at least it’s the date of the very first dinner I put on there in 2006. For School Woods 6th, I put on a Sunday Supper. Fifteen diners, and a lovely time had by all. I think I liked the chicken filo rolls better than the veg […]

Waiting for Mary Poppins

Well, I started this post yesterday evening, when Mark & I were sitting at the Sundance theater, waiting for Mary Poppins to start. They’re doing a series of classics, besides Mary, Gone with the Wind; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Young Frankenstein, etc. Mark’s ex-wife and her guy were there, too, which was sort embarrassing […]

First weekend of Fall

Yesterday the Farmer’s market was so gorgeous – it made you want to buy everything and start squirreling away stuff for winter. There’re still some summer crops like melon and tomatoes and corn, and fresh second growths of the herbs and greens that were looking wilted in the heat just a week ago. And the […]

Dinner Party

The dinner last night was lovely – 10 people, pleasant conversation, pacing good, food just right. I set up a drinks table, with glasses and ice and a few bowls of nuts and olives, and had people come in and make themselves a drink. And pay the man – I had Mark hosting and serving, […]

Pre-Halloween Brunch

Lots of pumpkin and orange fall-y foods – Autumn vegetable hash with eggs baked on top, squash challah – but the hits of the day were the bacon & cheese pull-apart bread, and the pumpkin sticky pudding. I got the bacon bread recipe from taste of home – but instead of using purchased bread dough, […]

Weekend Cooking

On Saturday, I had breakfast quesadillas – I made an egg pancake with cubes of roasted squash (leftover from last Wednesday’s pizza) and onions sauteed with a dash of smoked paprika, then grilled it inside flour tortillas with some cheese. Eaten with sour cream & salsa – but the pictures with the condiments didn’t look […]