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TIFF 2015 – Thursday

Thursday morning, we had a little yogurt and fruit for breakfast again (or maybe Thursday was the toast and fruit day?), and worked, and our first movie of the day was I Smile Back, with Sarah Silverman as a suburban housewife who’s just about to not be able to cover up her reckless escapades into […]

Summer’s end

But not really – it’s only August 19th. It’s just a change in the weather. After a stormy night last night, all of a sudden it’s grey and cloudy and 63°, which feels like about 40°, since it’s been so hot. On Monday I made it home before the rain, and worked until almost 7:30 […]

Saturday Before Staycation Week

The new graduate student’s Bootcamp is done, and now I “just” have to grade my 28 internship students, which means their journals and papers to read, and their overall participation in the online course to assess.  Next week I’m doing a “Staycation”. On Monday, I have an eye doctor appointment, and I want to take […]


I got two CSA boxes in a row, and then we ate carry out Friday, and at a steak house on Saturday. Three cucumbers, 4 patty pan, 1 zucchini, a couple of yellow summer squash, a bunch of scallions, one smallish fennel, half a purple onion (its uncut mate not shown), three Walla Walla onions, […]

Not a good way to start, Random observations, too meta for me

I’m having a terrible time with this post. I wanted to write something quick about the sucky start my day had had on Wednesday. But I didn’t finish and kept on writing on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday, and got caught up in trying to record things that happened later, that seemed related, that I […]

A “normal” Sunday

I’ve been trying to have a real Sunday – with somewhat mixed success. Instead of going for a walk first thing, I puttered around, and did some work – finished grading an assignment in one of my online courses – and washed my hair. And I baked a loaf of bread – less spongy (and […]

My week

If you think the week starts on Sunday, then mine started back in Indianapolis. I got up and made a pot of coffee in the room, wrote a blog post, and then got packed and dressed. I checked out and put my stuff in the car, although to find the car, I had to walk […]


I feel like I didn’t have much of a weekend, because I worked a lot. But I did some fun stuff, I guess. The theme for the weekend seems to have been feeling a bit sorry for myself, and eating too much. Ugh – good Sunday gone bad. Started with too icy to walk, steel […]

Election Day

I’m sitting at my computer with wet socks. My day’s schedule lays out like this – 9:00 to 10:30 – meeting; 11:00 to roughly 12:45 – come home, eat, and try to do as much work as possible before heading to be a poll worker from 1:00 until closing, like 9:30 or thereabouts. It’s cleaning […]

Had to be done

So this morning we slept in. It’s still black dark at 7:00 AM – can’t wait for daylight savings to end, but I guess it’s only another week. I thought I’d be able to get a little work in before breakfast but by the time I fed the cats, and brought in the newspapers, and […]