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Deb and Rach make soup

This frigid Valentine’s weekend in Madison is also the Garden Expo. I went to demo soups, from the two MACSAC (Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition) now CSA Fairshare, cookbooks, From Asparagus to Zucchini, and Farm-Fresh and Fast. Rach is here, so she came along to be my lovely assistant. It went quite well. I […]

Grillin’ for peace 2015

I think 2012 must be the year I didn’t go. There was no snow in February – and it was 80° in March. This year, I made chili dogs, with the chili I made for the super bowl party, lugged to Chicago, by car and train, and when the party got blizzard-ed out, lugged back […]

First weekend of the new year

I think my brother is right, winter break is boring. The problem I have is that I go from being ridiculously too busy with work, and cookie season, and general holiday preparing, then the holidays are over and I get some free time, and I don’t wanna do the stuff I should do. And this […]

Ah, Wisconsin

Back in February, I, as the landlord, got a failure to remove snow ticket for my rental – the supper club house – that I’m morphing into Dinner at DebS. The court date was today. My renter Stephen, who does the shoveling, came along. We actually had kind of a good time; Stephen, who’s been […]

Hugh Fearnley What’s his face’s cauliflower curry

Whittingstall – so it starts with a “W”, just like What’s his face. Of River Cottage fame. I’ve always thought of him as a UK D.I.Y. hipster, but looks like River Cottage has actually evolved into an empire – they call it River Cottage H.Q. “the base of operations for a cookery/food training centre from chef […]


I’m trying to recreate the last week (since I haven’t written since last Tuesday). On Monday, I think I had a pretty normal work day, except that I went to hear one of my colleagues give a talk at the library about a conference she’d been invited to speak at, and didn’t eat anything until […]

Joys of winter


Still winter on Monday morning

  This morning I walked to work in -10° marveling at people’s preparedness and UN-preparedness for the weather, like the kid on a bike with nothing on his head, hat nor helmet; the guy running from the bus into the engineering building wearing a pea coat, and no hat or gloves; the 3 inches of […]

Still winter

Saturday morning Mark and I walked downtown to go to the indoor farmers market. Because we were out before 9:00 AM on a Saturday, we got to see a wonderful example of our drinking culture here in WI – a pile of puke on a snow bank with the eyeglasses fallen off the face and […]