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Some pig

So, life should be back to normal, whatever that is, after house sales and moving apartments and pie palooza. But it’s been a busy week, and I have a cold and “reading the news, and it sure looks bad”, like the Joni Mitchell song says. Way too much Paul Ryan, dismantling various WI clean government […]

So behind

It’s been an odd week, schedule-wise, and I haven’t posted anything since Monday a week ago, and now it’s Wednesday. Rach is here for an unusual Wednesday to omigod in the morning Thursday stay. Last week, Mark stayed in Chicago until Thursday, and this week he’s staying until Friday, and when he comes back he’ll […]

A looong week

A long ass week, as John might say, or might’ve said when he was in high school. Sunday: I went to Library School graduation, and Mark went up to the Twins to watch his son graduate. After the SLIS graduation, I biked to the Capitol Square for the WORT block party, and got rained on. […]

My week

If you think the week starts on Sunday, then mine started back in Indianapolis. I got up and made a pot of coffee in the room, wrote a blog post, and then got packed and dressed. I checked out and put my stuff in the car, although to find the car, I had to walk […]

WI Film fest ’15, Sunday – Tues.

On the Sunday of the film fest, we went to three movies. We started with a double feature: The last seder, by Marc Kornblatt, and Off the Menu: Asian American, by Grace Lee. Both were good – Lee’s was a little more wide-ranging. She went to Texas, where she visited the sushi king of Texas, […]

It’s been a long, cold, week

Culminating in my mother’s and Eustace Tilley’s 90th birthdays. Eustace, the fictional dandy who was on the first New Yorker magazine cover,  and my mom both arrived around February 22, 1925. It used to be George Washington’s birthday, too, but now we have President’s Day. I left off with pumpkin stuff and soup, last Saturday. […]

It’s a long weekend

After a long week, that I’m now straining to remember. Pudding, lentils, and pig, were the food themes as I recall. I know I woke up in Chicago last Sunday morning – I drove down Friday to deliver John’s new laptop. Didn’t do much that evening – stopped at John’s apartment, found a parking spot […]

Still behind, but trying to catch up

  I spent the weekend, or at least, Saturday night and Sunday in Chicago at Mark’s pied à terre, a one-bedroom in a high rise in the South Loop, that’s an easy L ride to his job just off North Michigan. We took the train and arrived at about 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. John […]

Vacation’s End

I’m going to have to do one of those catch up posts before I forget everything. This is brought on by trying to remember when we went to see The Fault in Our Stars – it was after Toni left July 10 but before August 1 – I think – tho it could’ve been after […]

That slipping feeling

I guess this has just been a crazy week. We had tornadoes and straight line winds on Monday night, power outages on campus with no email or online courseware or main website, even,  on Wednesday, and even though we seemed to survive the storm OK here, on Friday morning after a night of what […]