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A week of harvest food pickups

At my computer at 7:28 AM on a Saturday, because we were awakened by Mark’s cat, who was trying to bury something in the bed … I will spare you the scatological details, but they involved a long-haired cat with a hairy butt, and a misunderstanding of what things really must be buried in her […]

Advising week

Advising week this year – which was last week already – at the library school probably wasn’t as busy as some. I had about 17 30-minute student appointments and last spring it was 21. I think I had more other meetings in between and all around the student appointments this year, though. I’m feeling uninspired […]

Some pig

So, life should be back to normal, whatever that is, after house sales and moving apartments and pie palooza. But it’s been a busy week, and I have a cold and “reading the news, and it sure looks bad”, like the Joni Mitchell song says. Way too much Paul Ryan, dismantling various WI clean government […]

Three CSA boxes in a row

Because of going to TIFF, and rescheduling boxes, I’ve had three CSA boxes in a row. Here’s what was in each one, with what I’ve made so far listed following various vegetables. Pictures to follow when I have better light. September 24: Red potatoes, 3.5 lb – green bean casserole* Italian beans, 1.75┬álb – green […]

Another Sunday’s cooking

I’m having a bit of trouble getting portfolio slideshow to display my picture captions – but I bet I can get it worked out, eventually. I made leek & ham tart for breakfast and roasted fingerling potatoes. With bacon on the side, so a heavy on the smoked pork meal, but so tasty. Hammie decided […]

Saturday Before Staycation Week

The new graduate student’s Bootcamp is done, and now I “just” have to grade my 28 internship students, which means their journals and papers to read, and their overall participation in the online course to assess.  Next week I’m doing a “Staycation”. On Monday, I have an eye doctor appointment, and I want to take […]

So behind

It’s been an odd week, schedule-wise, and I haven’t posted anything since Monday a week ago, and now it’s Wednesday. Rach is here for an unusual Wednesday to omigod in the morning Thursday stay. Last week, Mark stayed in Chicago until Thursday, and this week he’s staying until Friday, and when he comes back he’ll […]

Saturday supper

I made pork tenderloin roasted in a salt crust. I wanted to use the leftover ball of salt & flour playdough I’d made, since I’d only needed abut half the batch of dough to sculpt my repose for the book fest. I thought I might get trouts at the farmer’s market this morning, but when […]


We conducted a number of cooking experiments on Sunday, with mixed success. The Food 52 Sara’s Granola Bars, that I’ve been meaning to make probably since the recipe was posted in 2011, are delicious. My lime & white chocolate blondies recipe worked just fine with coconut oil instead of butter – but they’re still not […]

Weekend to Wednesday

On Saturday, I put pork chops rubbed with rosemary and garlic, and carrots rubbed with chile spice into the oven to roast on timer, and we went to see a pretty hilarious movie, What we do in the shadows. I made a pot of soft polenta, and and covered it and left it on the […]