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So behind

It’s been an odd week, schedule-wise, and I haven’t posted anything since Monday a week ago, and now it’s Wednesday. Rach is here for an unusual Wednesday to omigod in the morning Thursday stay. Last week, Mark stayed in Chicago until Thursday, and this week he’s staying until Friday, and when he comes back he’ll […]

Had to be done

So this morning we slept in. It’s still black dark at 7:00 AM – can’t wait for daylight savings to end, but I guess it’s only another week. I thought I’d be able to get a little work in before breakfast but by the time I fed the cats, and brought in the newspapers, and […]

A just about perfect summer Monday dinner

First thing this morning I drove out to the clinic out by West Towne with the urgent care that opens early, to get stuck for my thyroid pill blood test, and on the radio they were saying it was going to be the hottest, humidest day of the summer.  By the time I got home […]


  Yesterday – Friday – I bailed from work early and just came home. It was the last day of a long grey week. I woke up with intestinal distress, and have been feeling like I have a sinus infection for what seems like forever – tired, headachey, gunk in the back of my throat. […]

WI Film Fest, 2014 – Day 1

Today’s the first day of the WI Film Fest. We’re going to one movie, Salvo. I think it’s kind of an Italian gangster movie – IMDB says the main character is a hit man. Toni’s film studies teacher recommended it. The movie’s not until 8:45, so it’s already been a work day. Into the office […]

Cookie party/cookie season wrap up

Cookie season isn’t over yet, but it’s winding down. The party was Friday. It was a particularly nice one, somehow. Here’s what there was to eat: Buffalo chicken dip from the Frank’s hot sauce website, with celery sticks – coulda made a double batch. 5 pounds of hamburger made into cocktail meatballs – there were […]

My summer of not photographing food

Somehow this summer I’m just not photographing and writing about food as much as some summers past – I don’t have big set of pictures for various holidays like Memorial Day* or 4th of July. It’s gotten hot again, and supposed to stay that way for a few days. I went for a walk this […]

Tuesday Thai

  For a lazy Tuesday evening, I made Thai red curry with tofu, sweet potato, and spinach, and ate it on the couch in front of TV with a big glass of lime water, and the repeat of Game of Thrones. The Trader Joe’s Texas-grown Basmati was all long grains that almost stood up in […]

Self indulgence

On Monday at 5:30, I had to do an online lecture for my organization of info class – 33 slides introducing library cataloging rules and record format…. We had an hour, up to an hour 15 allotted, and I planned to burn thru the slides, leaving 15 mins. at the end for a demo of […]

A long week

Let’s see if I can recreate – Monday was the I ♥ SLIS thing at Brocach – benefit for scholarships at the library school where I work. It got pushed back a little later in the day, so I didn’t go to my Dr.’s appointment after work (my dermatologist yearly full body scan that I […]