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Long weekend in Minneapolis

  On Thursday, a terribly windy day, I sat on the upper deck of the double decker bus to the Twin Cities, to meet Mark who was already at the techy librarians conference. The bus was full and I had to share a seat, so I only got out my computer to shut it down […]

Sunday at TIFF 2015, Monday back in Madison

On Sunday, the last day of TIFF, we got up early and walked down to the Scotiabank multiplex to see¬†Lolo, an oh so French romantic comedy, co-written and directed and starred in by Julie Delpy. The TIFF description compares it to a Nancy Meyers rom com, and that’s pretty apt. It was nice to start […]

TIFF 2015 – Saturday

Saturday was a little different because we had an early movie, The Man Who Knew Infinity, with Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons playing early 20th century mathematicians, Srinivasa Ramanujan and G.H. Hardy. It’s based on a book of the same title, and I liked the way Irons acted Hardy’s cold British reserve by almost never […]

TIFF 2015

Or, TIFF at 40 as they are calling this one. We’re 4 movies in: The first one was Friday, at 6:00 – Bang Gang (A modern love story), about bored French teenagers’ summer of sex & drugs, and posting video of themselves to the Internet. Of course they get caught, with varying levels of repercussions […]

O Canada

Alright, me and plenty of shoes arrived, bienvenu au Canada,¬†yesterday. It was a long day of traveling, on the bus at 7:00 AM in Madison, through ridiculous security lines in Chicago, to the short flight to Toronto. The shoes were packed in the bottom of mammoth suitcase, which, although it is truly mammoth, is very […]

Thursday in CA

We did a big loop, from San Francisco to Point Reyes to Petaluma to Napa, and back again. I got a Hertz rent a car (had a zipcar for going to the Dead on Sunday, but that didn’t seem like the best deal for this trip). We left San Fran, and crossed the Golden Gate […]

I’m in San Francisco, with the librarians

Saturday through Monday – coffee, a few breakfasts, gay pride and the Dead. And corn salad for Monday dinner, with grilled oysters and clam chowder (not shown).

All is not lost – I hope

I’m in San Francisco for the librarians’ conference. Because we were flying out of Midway, on separate flights, because UW-Madison’s and the ALA’s Concur systems wouldn’t let Mark & I book together, I went as far as Chicago on Wednesday. We went out for burgers with John, and as I was getting on the L […]

New York Trip, Hudson River Valley

Hot, then Rain. On Saturday morning, I got up and packed. Jenny took Petunia the pug dog for a walk, and came back with a pretzel croissant (I think it must’ve been from the Upper West Side Birdbath/City Bakery) for me to take on the train – thought about taking the other half of my […]

New York Trip, City, Day One

I’m off for a little vacation all on my own – two nights in New York city staying with a friend, then two nights in the Hudson River Valley staying with another friend. Pictures first, words later. I guess it’s later – Saturday on the train going up the Hudson River.  I got into the […]