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Thanksgiving 2015 and cookie season

We got back to Madison on a rainy Thanksgiving Day, and I started prepping for dinner on Black Friday. I did the pies – pumpkin chiffon, apple with cider caramel sauce and crumble top, and the most raved about cooking mag dessert from Bitten Word, the grapefruit cornmeal cake from November 2015 Food and Wine. […]

Cookie season & Thanksgiving 2015

OK, here’s the plan – I’m in Chicago, came down on the bus on Tuesday for the tree lighting. I started cookie season with the jam cookies on Sunday – 225 and they are all safe in the freezer – and on Monday, lebkuchen, or Basler Leckerli – a new blending of old recipes, plus […]

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had 25 for Black Friday Thanksgiving – it was pretty astonishing. I made the turkey and the stuffing, and garlic mashed potatoes (Megan and Max peeled, I just mashed), and gravy, and corn pudding – which was a really good batch this year. Instead of my chipotle lime brulee’d sweet potatoes, I made a […]

Black Friday Thanksgiving III

We’re doing Black Friday Thanksgiving again, for the third time in a row, so it’s officially a family tradition. It puts us outta whack with the rest of the world a little, but it’s really nice (as Mark said when we were out walking yesterday) to have Thanksgiving as an empty day, for the cook […]

Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Primanti Bros. sandwiches and watched a kind of silly movie – Robot and Frank, with Frank Langella playing a retired jewel thief with memory loss, whose son hires a robot personal assistant for him. Great cast – Langella, Susan Sarandon, Liv Tyler is the daughter and James Marsden is the son. […]

Black Friday Thanksgiving

This year we had our Thanksgiving on Black Friday instead of Thursday. It was a little weird; feeling out of sync with the rest of the world – I went for a walk on Friday while the bird was in the oven – as I often do on the Thursday – and I knew that […]

Thanksgiving, 2011

Carving video

Thanksgiving vacation, continued

So OK – it’s Saturday, and I’ve made 3 types of cookies so far: jam, Biberli (this shows last year’s “factory seconds”; this year’s are plumper & firmer), and lebkuchen; and even though all the fridges are stuffed with food, the turkey carcass has been dealt with. The bird was so big that I couldn’t […]

I think it’s going to be a good Thanksgiving

I’m feeling dumb for setting myself up with a 2-week cookie season again this year – but it’s still got to be better than last year, which was the year of nothing came out quite right; I blame Costco flour and broken thumb. And, happily, all the Thanskgiving stuff seems to be coming out well […]

Thanskgiving vacation

I’m taking all of next week off, so today, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, could be considered my first day of Thanksgiving vacation. Or else it’s just a regular Saturday before I start the vacation – I dunno. I hope to do a bunch of house stuff – sort magazines, and recycle them; clean John’s old […]