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It’s that time of year again ….

The deeps of summer, when I just want to hang out on the porch and read and drink iced coffee in shorts and flip flops. Or even – dare I say it – go on vacation, like everyone else. But instead, I am swamped with work, 28 students in internships to supervise via an online […]

Vacation’s End

I’m going to have to do one of those catch up posts before I forget everything. This is brought on by trying to remember when we went to see The Fault in Our Stars – it was after Toni left July 10 but before August 1 – I think – tho it could’ve been after […]

Heat Wave

So it’s kind of the last weekend of summer, at least for us academic types. At work today everyone looked totally stressed. Frantically working on syllabi and uploading stuff to course websites. Updating the School’s website in time for the new semester, new students, orientation. To complement all of the above, I had a huge […]

My summer of not photographing food

Somehow this summer I’m just not photographing and writing about food as much as some summers past – I don’t have big set of pictures for various holidays like Memorial Day* or 4th of July. It’s gotten hot again, and supposed to stay that way for a few days. I went for a walk this […]

Just one of those days

I lost my keys three times. The last time, I had to dump my green Timbuk2 bag completely out to find them. I guess that’s OK – the bag had gotten kind of junked up since ALA, so a thorough dump out was a good thing. Mark calls it my Hermione bag, but Hermione had […]

Last grill-out of summer

If you consider summer to be “between the days” – memorial and labor – then yesterday was the last grill out of the summer. I ate the corn cut off the last ear on top of tabouli for lunch on Tuesday, then finished the green beans with a hard boiled egg yesterday.

Aaaah, 3-day weekend

It’s early afternoon on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend – meaning we still have another day off. I woke up at 6:30, (well, after waking at 2:00 and at 5:10 or so to feed the cats) and went back to sleep until 7:12, instead of lying awake worrying like I have the last few […]

Summer’s End

My brother wrote a post of the same title a few days ago, listing his accomplishments, or at least what he did, for this summer, so I thought I would follow suit. I taught an online class on web design for 24 library masters’ degree students. I felt that it was one of my most […]

So disappointed

Initially, because I got a musk melon instead of watermelon in my CSA box – and the farmers I buy from, Tipi Produce, grow really good watermelons. But they sell to Willy Street, too, so I bought a chunk of one of their watermelons at the co-op and it’s in the fridge waiting to be […]

It’s been real …

… just too short. I had 4 days of actual vacation this weekend. I only answered a few work emails. And I even took some pictures of food. I knew it had been awhile because when I opened the images in Photoshop, the most recent on the card before this weekend were dated July 26. […]