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Another Sunday’s cooking

I’m having a bit of trouble getting portfolio slideshow to display my picture captions – but I bet I can get it worked out, eventually. I made leek & ham tart for breakfast and roasted fingerling potatoes. With bacon on the side, so a heavy on the smoked pork meal, but so tasty. Hammie decided […]

Deb and Rach make soup

This frigid Valentine’s weekend in Madison is also the Garden Expo. I went to demo soups, from the two MACSAC (Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition) now CSA Fairshare, cookbooks, From Asparagus to Zucchini, and Farm-Fresh and Fast. Rach is here, so she came along to be my lovely assistant. It went quite well. I […]


I feel like I didn’t have much of a weekend, because I worked a lot. But I did some fun stuff, I guess. The theme for the weekend seems to have been feeling a bit sorry for myself, and eating too much. Ugh – good Sunday gone bad. Started with too icy to walk, steel […]

It’s a long weekend

After a long week, that I’m now straining to remember. Pudding, lentils, and pig, were the food themes as I recall. I know I woke up in Chicago last Sunday morning – I drove down Friday to deliver John’s new laptop. Didn’t do much that evening – stopped at John’s apartment, found a parking spot […]

I just want to eat chocolate and watch TV

I did two half sick, half work at home days this week – Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought the fluffy cat would be happy that I was home, but she pretty much ignored me. On Tuesday I made oatmeal bread. I pretty much stayed indoors and worked, but took it easy, except for a quick […]

Still winter

Saturday morning Mark and I walked downtown to go to the indoor farmers market. Because we were out before 9:00 AM on a Saturday, we got to see a wonderful example of our drinking culture here in WI – a pile of puke on a snow bank with the eyeglasses fallen off the face and […]

Broken toe and blueberry cakes

Yesterday I broke the baby toe on my right foot – I’m getting so old & brittle, just clonking it into the wooden leg of a couch did the trick. It hurt, but I didn’t think much about it, until I took my socks off around 4:00, getting ready for a shower, and saw how […]

Home cooking

Since Thursday’s dinner, as usual, I’ve been using up leftovers for meals en famille. We are hosting an AFS student from the Netherlands this semester, and she arrived on Friday night. We ate the Spanish country soup that Mark made last weekend (for the Downton Abbey 2-hour season premiere), along with leftover borscht and cheese […]

Crunched for Time

My winter break got cut short by my unhappy discovery that our syllabi for spring term classes are due Jan 10 – I was operating on the blissful assumption that I had till the 17th. So I’ve spent way too much of the weekend on the computer, trying to get the syllabi for my two […]

Squash soup

The recipe for this soup (from the Splendid Table’s emailed newsletter) says to top the soup, which already has chiles, tomatoes, chicken broth and the squash in it, with chopped jalapenos, garlic, cilantro, and lime. Their description: A nice twist on the perennial autumn Butternut squash soup, there’s a jockeying of tart, savory, hot and […]