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Some pig

So, life should be back to normal, whatever that is, after house sales and moving apartments and pie palooza. But it’s been a busy week, and I have a cold and “reading the news, and it sure looks bad”, like the Joni Mitchell song says. Way too much Paul Ryan, dismantling various WI clean government […]

TIFF 2015 – Tuesday & Wednesday

We are into a regular schedule of 3 movies per day, starting at noon-ish. And since we’ve already got 3, no getting up at 7:00 to try to get tickets to add more. Tuesday: We started with Family Fang, and despite the fairly snarky review in the Guardian we liked it. Jason Bateman just can’t […]

TIFF 2015 – Sunday & Monday

Like I said, Sunday no movies for me, since our only one, Families, selected for us by TIFF and therefore immovable, conflicted with Robyn Hitchcock at the Drake Hotel. Robyn brought British – or Seattle – weather to Toronto for us – although it seems as if he has moved his US homebase to Nashville […]

A chilly April evening

I was going to go for a little bike ride after work – but the wind was cold and sharp and it looked like rain, so I decided against it. Years ago, I did an April is the cruellest month supper – and it was a warm day, almost too hot for the pork and […]

Washington Island vacation, 1

Our first night we had sammiches for supper – bread and Nueske’s smoked turkey from the fancy grocery store in Fish Creek, tomatoes & cucumbers from my CSA box, brought from home – then we watched Gosford Park on VHS tape. Thursday morning we weren’t sure of the weather, so we went out seeking coffee […]

TIFF Thursday

When we got home [our airbnb condo home, that is] on Wednesday, around 8:00ish, I tracked my passport to see if it had arrived, and the website said that the driver had tried to deliver it, but could not because there were funds due …. which baffled me, because I knew Rach had NOT sent […]

Breakfast in Austin


TIFF 3: Tuesday & Wednesday

Yesterday, after Detroit Unleaded, we hit up the market, and found it almost closed – understandably – it was almost 5:00 p.m. and it closes at 6:00. We got some fruit and cheese (a creamy “American” Asiago) and salad greens. We came back to the apartment, did some work, and I texted with Al & […]

A giant bag of basil

Came home with my CSA box today. Two pounds of the large-leafed variety that Tipi Produce grows. It made almost 2 quarts of pesto – 3 pint sour cream containers, and 2 samller containers that are probably 3/4 cup each. And a sandwich. With tomato that came in the box, too.

Snacks for supper

And whole wheat cimmy buns for Saturday breakfast. Last night, I had an online class meeting for one of my courses, so I just made some egg salad and we had lots of bread – whole wheat baguette that I made, plus a loaf I brought home from a French bakery here in Madison, that […]