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O Canada

Alright, me and plenty of shoes arrived, bienvenu au Canada, yesterday. It was a long day of traveling, on the bus at 7:00 AM in Madison, through ridiculous security lines in Chicago, to the short flight to Toronto. The shoes were packed in the bottom of mammoth suitcase, which, although it is truly mammoth, is very […]

A Work Week Back In Madison, After New York

I’m trying to remember what I ate for dinner my single girl nights this week. I know I was trying to just use what there was in my almost-empty fridge. Tuesday was the “Make-Hers“; Wednesday I think I had a big lunch – egg salad, a bagel, and then just some salad for dinner, with […]

Work Winter Salads

  I bought a bunch of kale last Saturday, and I’ve been making these salads to take to work for lunch. I got my knives sharpened on MLK day, and they’re working great for shredding the kale. On Wednesday, the salad had one big leaf of kale, shredded, topped with French lentils that had been […]

Oma’s 10th Jahrzeit

Yesterday I got an email from my brother with the subject line “Rye bread and Riesling”. To which I replied “Broccoli and Sauvignon Blanc”. I don’t think either of use lit candles, but we both commemorated the 10th anniversary of our mother’s death by dining on foods she liked. Dark bread, white wine, and green […]

Asparagus pizza II

I made asparagus pizza for dinner tonight, and I liked it just as much as the first time. I put the pics on my Tumblr. But this one’s the best: I also got my first CSA box of 2014. I went right after work to pick it up with my bike, and I had my […]

Dinner at DebS

Last fall, I decided to shut down the supper club. People are just not signing up, and my renters are interested in renting the whole house, which actually is a two-fold benefit: 1) I’ll be getting a little more money every month in rent, and 2) Getting the house to look more like a single […]

Friday night before Bootcamp

Mark and his son and son’s girlfriend are off at Lollapalooza, leaving me and Rachael to have what Rach has started calling the “longest sleepover party of the summer”. I’m just trying to have some normal weekend fun before the new distance student’s bootcamp starts on Monday morning. We started with a pedi, after work […]

Oma’s yahrzeit, or, “too humid for pie”

July 22nd is my mother’s yahrzeit – this year it’s been 9 years. I lit a candle in the crystal candle holder  my mom and I bought at the Art Fair on the Square because we thought it would look good for Opa’s yahrzeit candle (tho in this pic, I’m using one of Oma’s candle-go-round […]

Snowed in – or something

I tried a slightly different kind of event this afternoon at School Woods – sort of a tea, an afternoon buffet of desserts and snacks.  I thought the food was really nice. Only a small group of diners showed up to enjoy it, though – must be the weather, or who knows what. It’s snowing […]


My tart tins from the trash heap one more time – it took soaking overnight, and scrubbing with a toothbrush to clean off the results of the quiches that leaked. Last night I made a buffet light dinner/heavy apps for a group that I’ve cooked for before. They’re all Hospice Care workers, and they’re a […]