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That was fun

Dave Rawlings Machine at the Capitol Theater at Overture Center. They started & ended with songs the Dead also covered – Monkey & the Engineer (Jesse Fuller), and Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad (trad. arr.) Here’s the set list: Dave Rawlings machine 10/30/2015 Monkey & the engineer Is it candy? The weekend Wayside/back in […]

TIFF 2015 – Tuesday & Wednesday

We are into a regular schedule of 3 movies per day, starting at noon-ish. And since we’ve already got 3, no getting up at 7:00 to try to get tickets to add more. Tuesday: We started with Family Fang, and despite the fairly snarky review in the Guardian we liked it. Jason Bateman just can’t […]

TIFF 2015 – Sunday & Monday

Like I said, Sunday no movies for me, since our only one, Families, selected for us by TIFF and therefore immovable, conflicted with Robyn Hitchcock at the Drake Hotel. Robyn brought British – or Seattle – weather to Toronto for us – although it seems as if he has moved his US homebase to Nashville […]

Newport Folk ’15 – from afar

I’ve trying to recreate the Newport Folk Festival experience for myself, a little late, and a little removed. I started by reading an article in the New York Times. Or maybe I got tipped off by one of Robyn Hitchcock’s tweets, there he is in the polka dot shirt – not sure which came first. […]

Old & out of it

We went to see the Decemberists on the Friday night of our last Chicago cultural weekend; 3/27, my brother’s birthday. It was my call – I wanted to see them. I like the Decemberists because they’ve played with the other artists who I really follow – Peter Buck and Robyn Hitchcock, primarily. And, although I […]

Out on a Monday, oh my

Last night Robyn Hitchcock played the High Noon Saloon here in Madison. Which meant I was out on a Monday night. A frigid Monday night. But it was all pretty civilized – we had a table up close, and Robyn ad his sidekick Emma both said the place was far too clean and smoke free […]

Cookie break in Chicago

  I took a couple of days off from cookies to do a cultural weekend in Chicago. I didn’t do any baking Friday, but I got my hair cut and then spent like 2 hours and close to $500 shopping for ingredients. I think I’ll do one last trip to Woodmans on Thanksgiving morning – […]

What else we did in Chicago

Besides seeing Robyn Hitchcock & Joe Boyd, and going to the spring flower show, we did some other stuff. We ate. Friday night we had a pre-theater supper at Trattoria No. 10 – a reliable old fave. I had the squash ravioli – 4 large ones, and the nice touch was shreds of zucchini and […]

Live from 1967

Saturday night in Chicago we went and got an education on the history of folk rock, from Robyn Hitchcock and Joe Boyd.The show was about two hours, Joe reading from his book, and Robyn singing tunes selected to illustrate historical points – ended up being 8 songs in all – the ones we heard are […]

Aaaah, 3-day weekend

It’s early afternoon on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend – meaning we still have another day off. I woke up at 6:30, (well, after waking at 2:00 and at 5:10 or so to feed the cats) and went back to sleep until 7:12, instead of lying awake worrying like I have the last few […]