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Oh, so lazy Memorial Day weekend, 3

Today – the actual holiday – is the greyest, rainiest, yet. And I got up the latest, too. It was too misty and damp for a wimp like me to bike, so I drove to do the grocery shopping, then came home to make a sour cream coffee cake, to use up the tart rhubarb […]

Pre-Halloween Brunch

Lots of pumpkin and orange fall-y foods – Autumn vegetable hash with eggs baked on top, squash challah – but the hits of the day were the bacon & cheese pull-apart bread, and the pumpkin sticky pudding. I got the bacon bread recipe from taste of home – but instead of using purchased bread dough, […]

Leek Tart

This afternoon I made leek tart, basically Molly Wizenberg’s recipe, but with a few of my own tweaks. Here’s the recipe, below the picture: Crust: I used my 2nd attempt at the Chez Pim rubbed & folded “one crust to rule them all, (I screwed it up my first try) but it’s a good recipe. […]

Empty-nester July 4th weekend

We haven’t grilled yet for the holiday weekend, because we’ve had so few people around – all of our kids are off doing other stuff. John’s girlfriend works for Summerfest, so this is a busy time for them, although this is an historic year – no Summerfest on July 4th, because it’s a Monday. So […]

Chicken & asparagus lasagna

Last Saturday, the asparagus was in at the farmers’ market. I bought two pounds, and I also bought a chicken from Matt Smith. I roasted the chicken in the oven on timer while I went to the protests. A couple days later, I roasted the asparagus, too, and we ate one pound of it as […]

Butterscotch pie

On Wednesday, I got home and made a butterscotch pie, basically, butterscotch pudding in a crust, topped with a carton of all natural Cool Whip that I got out of the freezer and set on the counter to thaw (even though the label says not to). It was good – we ate it for our […]

Another stay-at-home Friday

Mark went for a walk and I ate vegetable leftovers for dinner, braises, I guess: Molly Wizenberg’s cabbage braised in cream and Splendid Table’s tumeric braised potatoes. We talked about staying in and watching movies on DVD or streamed – with dessert. With thoughts of all the frozen fruit I’ve got downstairs – peaches, blueberries, […]

Fancy schmancy desserts for college kids

Last night I did another installment of the dinners on Wisconsin, where U of WI alums cook dinner for students. I had a nice crowd this time, not ALL girls – lively kids. I made them a combo of leftovers and fancy desserts; the main course was chilaqiles made from the last of the butternut […]

Fall food

It’s getting cooler in WI; somehow, I’m not quite ready to commit to saying it’s fall, even though I wore gloves yesterday when I was biking in. The fall produce is showing up at the market, and my brother says I should submit to this NYT potluck recipes contest. It’s hard for me to say […]

Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday night I celebrated Rosh Hashanah by grilling pork. I was so encouraged by the success of Monday’s slow-roasted meat that I did almost 6 pounds of Willow Creek pork shoulder, with the same chile rub, so that I’d have pulled pork for pulled pork pizza tomorrow. Pizza night was fun – 12 people, a […]