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Sunday at TIFF 2015, Monday back in Madison

On Sunday, the last day of TIFF, we got up early and walked down to the Scotiabank multiplex to see┬áLolo, an oh so French romantic comedy, co-written and directed and starred in by Julie Delpy. The TIFF description compares it to a Nancy Meyers rom com, and that’s pretty apt. It was nice to start […]

Rainy Memorial Day weekend

The kind where you can stay in pajamas as long as you like. I woke up at 6:00, and really didn’t want to be awake, but knew that it was supposed to turn rainy, and thought I should get out for a walk. Laziness took over though, and reflecting that I had gone for two […]

What a relief

A year ago October, I went to Pittsburgh for a metadata conference, and stayed an extra day to wander around and visit, including a visit to my parents’ grave. Where I was quite surprised to find that they’d never set the marker for my mom. Even though we’d paid the cemetery some $4000 to open […]

You can’t go home again

…. or at least, you can’t buy your old home again. The house my parents owned from 1967 to 2000 was a big, old, Pittsburgh house. Built in 1911, 3000+ square feet, above ground basement, attached garage, real plaster walls, 12-foot ceiling in the first floor. Five toilets: sink & a toilet in the basement […]

Superbowl Food

I hope I didn’t make the Steelers lose. As a Pittsburgh girl, who’s lived in Wisconsin for more than half my life, I tried to have an even mix of Packer food and Steeler food to eat during the game. The Milwaukee paper ran some recipes for Superbowl food – that’s what the football depicted […]

Superbowl – Sconnie style

The folks that make the ‘sconnie shirts – as in Wi-scon-sin – have this Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood shirt: Don’t think they knew that the real Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is in Pittsburgh. Visiting Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood WQED Pittsburgh

Visiting my parents’ grave

But the marker is just for my dad – my mom’s ashes are interred there, too – and when we brought them, in February of 2005, we ordered a new marker with both names. Somehow, somebody who worked at the cemetery left, somebody screwed up, and it never got done. The good thing about visiting […]

Wandering in Pittsburgh

Saturday morning I got up in my hotel in downtown Pittsburgh (formerly the Hilton, now … who knows …), and went and retrieved the car from the self-park, to start my day of uncovering the mysteries of Pittsburgh. I lost my ticket, but the maximum was $20 and I was going to have to pay […]

Lunch in Pittsburgh

I skipped the conference lunch and went and got a Primanti Bros. sandwich and ate it outside in market square, with a cup of Starbucks coffee in my own to-go mug. Surely the ultimate Pittsburgh meal. All for about $7. I got cheese, what they call combo – Swiss and Provolone, and there was a […]

Metadata Conundrum

So, like I said, I’m at a metadata conference, and the picture below is kind of a metadata conundrum. Metadata is descriptions of information resources – “structured data about data”. The picture is actually a lot of different things, many of which are hard to convey, especially because one of the key interpreters of metadata […]