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Long weekend in Minneapolis

  On Thursday, a terribly windy day, I sat on the upper deck of the double decker bus to the Twin Cities, to meet Mark who was already at the techy librarians conference. The bus was full and I had to share a seat, so I only got out my computer to shut it down […]

A cultural week

Rach got here on Monday and we had those big salads I was talking about last Sunday, topped with everything in the fridge, plus leftovers. Tabouli, beets, egg, leftover shrimp and steak, red wine vinegar vinaigrette made with scallions, because I had no garlic. On Tuesday I went to a reception at a library conference […]


I got two CSA boxes in a row, and then we ate carry out Friday, and at a steak house on Saturday. Three cucumbers, 4 patty pan, 1 zucchini, a couple of yellow summer squash, a bunch of scallions, one smallish fennel, half a purple onion (its uncut mate not shown), three Walla Walla onions, […]

Rhubarb custard tart – still my Waterloo

I’ve always said that rhubarb custard tart is my Waterloo, the recipe I can never get right. A few days ago, I thought I found a recipe that would work. I baked it last night, and even though this is definitely my best ever, I still had a few problems. I had too much custard, […]

Joel Robuchon bittersweet chocolate tart

I’m making Joel Robuchon bittersweet chocolate tart – on the first sunny, relatively warm (40°) day in March, when I probably should be out walking. It’s kind of a blast from the past; I think I first made it in the late ’80s sometime when the recipe was published in one of the cooking mags, […]

Dessert buffet — Debra Shapiro (@DebsLunch) January 9, 2015

Pie palooza weekend

On Thursday night, I carved my pumpkin, and went to bed a little early. On Friday morning, it snowed (just a little). On Saturday, I had leftover twice-baked potatoes, refried with an egg on it,for breakfast. Then I baked my pie palooza pies. Cheese and onion, again. Thank you Rutles, for the inspiration. It seemed […]

Mark’s birthday eve

Tomorrow is Mark’s 63rd birthday, so I’m going down to Chicago for a fun day. The plan is to meet at the Metra station in Schaumburg – I’ll be driving, he’ll take the train – and then head to Ikea for more apartment furnishing shopping. We’ll get some form of lunch – Maggiano’s in Schaumberg, […]

Lost long weekend

After a summer bookended by week long events that I was co-chairing (the teaching academy summer institute and the new distance students’ bootcamp), with 36 studnets in internships in between, I now am trying to get three online courses ready by next Tuesday, September 2. Which means that, since last Wednesday, the last time I […]

Birthday Pie

I made myself a birthday pie to share at an afternoon meeting tomorrow. What birthday? … it’s hidden in the file names.