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Moving apartments in Chicago

After a long week – I told you about some of it already – like the shelves trying to come down on my head on Tuesday when I was trying to get towels down to sop up the flood – I’m in Chicago to ¬†move apartments. No internet because it’s already shut off at the […]

TIFF 2015 – Tuesday & Wednesday

We are into a regular schedule of 3 movies per day, starting at noon-ish. And since we’ve already got 3, no getting up at 7:00 to try to get tickets to add more. Tuesday: We started with Family Fang, and despite the fairly snarky review in the Guardian we liked it. Jason Bateman just can’t […]

TIFF 2015

Or, TIFF at 40 as they are calling this one. We’re 4 movies in: The first one was Friday, at 6:00 – Bang Gang (A modern love story), about bored French teenagers’ summer of sex & drugs, and posting video of themselves to the Internet. Of course they get caught, with varying levels of repercussions […]

I’m still in San Francisco, and most of the librarians have gone home

On Tuesday first thing, we moved rooms, a nicer room for the vacation portion of our stay. Although the shower leaks like a sieve. We took the cable car towards North Beach, so that we could get focaccia for breakfast, and visit City Lights books, and generally be tourists. The focaccia was from this hole […]

Weekend to Wednesday

On Saturday, I put pork chops rubbed with rosemary and garlic, and carrots rubbed with chile spice into the oven to roast on timer, and we went to see a pretty hilarious movie, What we do in the shadows. I made a pot of soft polenta, and and covered it and left it on the […]

Recreating in Texas

So because the metadata conference I came to Texas for was scheduled the same time as Austin City Limits, I’m staying way the F out in the suburbs at an Aloft hotel. It’s right on a bus line, this rapid bus with limited stops, but still 40 – 50 minutes to get downtown. It’s also […]

Oma’s 10th Jahrzeit

Yesterday I got an email from my brother with the subject line “Rye bread and Riesling”. To which I replied “Broccoli and Sauvignon Blanc”. I don’t think either of use lit candles, but we both commemorated the 10th anniversary of our mother’s death by dining on foods she liked. Dark bread, white wine, and green […]


Which I’m writing about on Tuesday, for Pete’s sake – Saturday we went to the farmers market for Cows on the Concourse. Petted cows, watched grilled cheese mass production, bought the first sugarsnap peas of the season. And a bunch of flowers. And two bunches of asparagus to make into shaved asparagus pizza for Heike’s […]

WI Fim fest – the rest

  Sunday was our biggest film fest day – three movies, starting with Gabrielle, about two sweet kids with disabilities, in love.¬† The woman who plays Gabrielle the character is also named Gabrielle – Gabrielle Marion-Rivard. She has Williams Syndrome in real life as in film; the actor that plays her boyfriend Martin does not […]

TIFF Monday

I’m going kind of a day behind on these – now writing this post on Tuesday AM, on my iPhone, still in bed at 8:03, tho I could argue that it’s only 7:03 at home in Central time. [at least started; gonna move over to the “real” computer to do the pics] On Monday, we […]