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Stevie Nicks Moment

Yesterday I closed on the sale of the house where for 7, almost eight years, I had run my underground dining club. This morning I woke up worrying if I’d have to drop my CSA share next year, when not only will I have no dining club, my older son’s girlfriend, Megan, won’t be living […]

Joel Robuchon bittersweet chocolate tart

I’m making Joel Robuchon bittersweet chocolate tart – on the first sunny, relatively warm (40°) day in March, when I probably should be out walking. It’s kind of a blast from the past; I think I first made it in the late ’80s sometime when the recipe was published in one of the cooking mags, […]

Dad’s 94th

Today is my dad’s 94th birthday, except he’s not here to celebrate it with us, having passed away in November 1998, a little more than a month before he would’ve turned 78. I noted his birthday by adding a picture to his Wikipedia page – I wonder how long it’ll stay. Thanks to linked data, […]

Oma’s 10th Jahrzeit

Yesterday I got an email from my brother with the subject line “Rye bread and Riesling”. To which I replied “Broccoli and Sauvignon Blanc”. I don’t think either of use lit candles, but we both commemorated the 10th anniversary of our mother’s death by dining on foods she liked. Dark bread, white wine, and green […]

That slipping feeling

I guess this has just been a crazy week. We had tornadoes and straight line winds on Monday night, power outages on campus with no email or online courseware or main website, even,  on Wednesday, and even though we seemed to survive the storm OK here, on Friday morning after a night of what […]

Just different

All through the holidays I kept having this feeling that this year, things were just different, somehow. I wasn’t as driven, maybe. I didn’t make cookies over when they didn’t come out right. I think I took less cookie-process pictures. I searched my blog archives, and started seeing similar posts from prior years, so I […]

Veteran’s day

This Veteran’s day marks the Monday after a whole weekend without blogging for me. Others may mourn fallen soldiers; I mourn having free time. Friday we went to Toni’s cross-country banquet. It was at a sports bar over by the Coliseum. It lasted forever, because all the girls had silly presents for each other. On […]

Seized and throttled

Years ago there was a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about not just seize the day, seize the day and throttle it. I don’t think it’s this one is exactly – rather than Calvin in the tub, I think it had Hobbes all tattered & torn. I went to the Willy Street Fair on Sunday morning, […]

Summer’s End

Shucks, I’ve been writing this post in my head all day, and I have forgotten the good parts. It’s Saturday of Labor Day weekend, so truly the end of summer. I started the day feeling kind of melancholy and nostalgic – oh, summer’s over, back to work. The feeling was intensified because last Saturday I […]

Easy as pie

Or maybe it’s as satisfied as pie. I’ve been feeling kind of over-tired and over-worked here at the end of my vacation week. It sure made me a lot happier to bake pie. It doesn’t really matter that the blueberry pie dripped and burned on the bottom of the oven – I can always run […]