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That was fun

Dave Rawlings Machine at the Capitol Theater at Overture Center. They started & ended with songs the Dead also covered – Monkey & the Engineer (Jesse Fuller), and Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad (trad. arr.) Here’s the set list: Dave Rawlings machine 10/30/2015 Monkey & the engineer Is it candy? The weekend Wayside/back in […]

TIFF 2015 – Sunday & Monday

Like I said, Sunday no movies for me, since our only one, Families, selected for us by TIFF and therefore immovable, conflicted with Robyn Hitchcock at the Drake Hotel. Robyn brought British – or Seattle – weather to Toronto for us – although it seems as if he has moved his US homebase to Nashville […]

And now, where did the week go!?

Happiness for the holiday weekend is discovering that Goodwill is open 8:30 to 5:00 on Monday – so I don’t have to do my dirty job for the weekend, sorting clothes to be bagged to go to Goodwill, today, Saturday. I can put it off until tomorrow, and continue puttering, making tomato sauce, and cutting […]

Newport Folk ’15 – from afar

I’ve trying to recreate the Newport Folk Festival experience for myself, a little late, and a little removed. I started by reading an article in the New York Times. Or maybe I got tipped off by one of Robyn Hitchcock’s tweets, there he is in the polka dot shirt – not sure which came first. […]

Father’s day cooking

Mark wanted waffles for father’s day; his mom’s sour cream ones, that I made with strained yogurt. Rach bought some of this Wallaby nonfat Greek yogurt last time she was here, and even though I usually don’t like 0% fat, this was really nice and creamy. I looked for it at the co-op and they […]

Something new, something old

For dinner last night, I roasted potatoes and threw in sugar snap peas at the last minute. Ate them on top of salad greens with egg and croutons. Tonight I made this broccoli casserole that I’ve made many times. I used the thin slice Pepperidge Farm white bread, a.k.a. the soft white bread the recipe […]

New York Trip, City, Day Two

On day two in the big city, I started off doing non-touristy things and then ventured into the heart of tourist-y New York. Meaning that I started off with a walk around the reservoir in Central Park, one loop on the reservoir path, and another on the Bridle Path, which despite its name, was free […]

Old & out of it

We went to see the Decemberists on the Friday night of our last Chicago cultural weekend; 3/27, my brother’s birthday. It was my call – I wanted to see them. I like the Decemberists because they’ve played with the other artists who I really follow – Peter Buck and Robyn Hitchcock, primarily. And, although I […]

A Chicago weekend of no pictures

We came down to Chicago on Friday. I’d picked this weekend because it was the first one when I thought I could stay over till Monday since the library conference/Super Bowl/blizzard weekend. We walked over Publican straight from the train and it was kind of a miracle. One minute we were standing there with all […]

Out on a Monday, oh my

Last night Robyn Hitchcock played the High Noon Saloon here in Madison. Which meant I was out on a Monday night. A frigid Monday night. But it was all pretty civilized – we had a table up close, and Robyn ad his sidekick Emma both said the place was far too clean and smoke free […]