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Long weekend in Minneapolis

  On Thursday, a terribly windy day, I sat on the upper deck of the double decker bus to the Twin Cities, to meet Mark who was already at the techy librarians conference. The bus was full and I had to share a seat, so I only got out my computer to shut it down […]

I’m still in San Francisco, and most of the librarians have gone home

On Tuesday first thing, we moved rooms, a nicer room for the vacation portion of our stay. Although the shower leaks like a sieve. We took the cable car towards North Beach, so that we could get focaccia for breakfast, and visit City Lights books, and generally be tourists. The focaccia was from this hole […]

I’m in San Francisco, with the librarians

Saturday through Monday – coffee, a few breakfasts, gay pride and the Dead. And corn salad for Monday dinner, with grilled oysters and clam chowder (not shown).

All is not lost – I hope

I’m in San Francisco for the librarians’ conference. Because we were flying out of Midway, on separate flights, because UW-Madison’s and the ALA’s Concur systems wouldn’t let Mark & I book together, I went as far as Chicago on Wednesday. We went out for burgers with John, and as I was getting on the L […]

Digital Libraries in Indy

Last year I went to Indianapolis for the Public Library Association Conference – this year it was DPLAFest – the Digital Public Library of America. I got a university fleet car, and drove down on Friday morning. The random travel thing was at my first pit stop, I almost crashed into a guy on my […]

Snowy library conference

We’re having a blizzard in Chicago. I’m listening to a librarian update us on LoC cataloging stats – 77K more new person records, 3K new subject headings, and so on. It’s a big deal because library cataloging standards are undergoing big changes. The rules changed, from one acronym to another, AACR to RDA, and that […]

In Chicago with the librarians (again)

Again because we were last here summer 2013. Sitting in a meeting room in Darth Vader’s living room, McCormick Place. I think I got here a little too early – this is kind of the business meeting part; real content’s not being presented for another half hour. But a Dutch librarian is about to speak […]

New Mexico Trip: Chicago to Albuquerque

So after the (disappointing to say the least) elections, I got up on Wednesday morning and went for a walk. To Union South, where I got a bunch of cash – for traveling and because I knew I was meeting the kids for dinner in Chicago at a restaurant that only takes cash. I got […]

Recreating in Texas

So because the metadata conference I came to Texas for was scheduled the same time as Austin City Limits, I’m staying way the F out in the suburbs at an Aloft hotel. It’s right on a bus line, this rapid bus with limited stops, but still 40 – 50 minutes to get downtown. It’s also […]

In Texas for metadata

That’s me on the bus, on a rainy Saturday morning in Austin, where it’s still black dark at 7:28AM. With my hotel machine cappuccino & my library book. On my way to my linked data workshop. The walk to the bus was not bad a bit, almost pleasant, until the last block when the rain […]