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Back in Madison, After New York

I was supposed to do a lunch time poster session, really a resource table, at the Teaching Academy Summer Institute, on Tuesday. It should have been a nice morning – if I had gotten home when I was supposed to, on Monday evening, I could’ve been at the Institute for the morning’s programs, one of […]

Snowy library conference

We’re having a blizzard in Chicago. I’m listening to a librarian update us on LoC cataloging stats – 77K more new person records, 3K new subject headings, and so on. It’s a big deal because library cataloging standards are undergoing big changes. The rules changed, from one acronym to another, AACR to RDA, and that […]

Burst cherry tomato tart

Or, post farmers’ market lunch with visiting Seattle friends. Joe and Terry were here because Joe was officiating at the wedding of one of his students – we started hearing about this in January during the ALA conference in Philadelphia, because he was looking for some kind of Internet ordination that he could do, and […]

Disconnected in Vegas

So Las Vegas for the librarians’ conference was a trip. I am glad I experienced the place. Some of the interior spaces were incredible – like the inside of the Venetian and Mandalay Bay. And we had some very good, but expensive meals. I think my favorite was Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. But Border Grill (Mary […]

WI Film Fest, Friday & Saturday

  So Friday was part of the film fest, although we didn’t go to any movies. We were supposed to, or at least I had two tickets for The Dog, a documentary about┬áJohn Wojtowicz, the person who Al Pacino’s character in Dog Day Afternoon is based on. The Dog was showing at 4:15 in the […]

Aauggh DFDs

Data Flow Diagrams. I am taking a systems analysis and design class, in order to help me develop a new course for the Library School, to be offered for the first time in spring 2014, “Designing Information Systems”. The unit we are on now is data flow diagrams. In theory, I really like the idea […]

Aaand … We’re back

We got back from Canada on Monday night at about 7:30. It took me until 11:30 to get unpacked and get the furniture De-cat-haired and the countertops De-cat-footprinted. On Tuesday I had hella catch up day at work – the usual, cleaning up email, etc. but I had to get slides ready so I could […]

Another spring, another trip to Chicago

We’re spending a [slightly shifted] weekend in Chicago, Saturday to Tuesday. Like last year, we’ve got a visiting student on tow. This time, our excuse for visiting is to see Patti Smith at the Vic tonight. (last year it was spring break) We arrived on Saturday, doing the half car, half train thing on Metra […]

iPhone screenshots

Yesterday was kind of a long day – in to work in time for a 9:00 a.m. meeting with a visiting library school professor, who has written an ebook text book that I think my school will adopt. Then a brown bag talk (recording, 1:09) with another visiting library school professor, this one a good […]

Little camera in NOLA

I had a little extra time, so I took the little camera out on the walk back from the convention center to Mulate’s for the (not-too-well-attended) SLIS reunion. I think this is kind of a low-attendence conference in general; no one has travel money, and librarians are still iffy about coming to NOLA.