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Birthday dinner

  Julia Child’s birthday is August 15th, which was a Saturday this year, so that seemed like as good a reason as any to have my birthday dinner that night, even though my real birthday was the Tuesday before. Julia turned 103 – I’m a lot younger, I just feel like 103 sometimes. We had […]

Summer food is here, hooray!

John and Megan are here, so after I got done volunteering at the Art Fair, I came home and made a pork roast on the grill. I rubbed the meat with a paste of rosemary (the last of last year’s from the freezer, because we bought two new rosemary plants to put in a pot […]

Rainy Memorial Day weekend

The kind where you can stay in pajamas as long as you like. I woke up at 6:00, and really didn’t want to be awake, but knew that it was supposed to turn rainy, and thought I should get out for a walk. Laziness took over though, and reflecting that I had gone for two […]

New Mexico Trip: Chicago to Albuquerque

So after the (disappointing to say the least) elections, I got up on Wednesday morning and went for a walk. To Union South, where I got a bunch of cash – for traveling and because I knew I was meeting the kids for dinner in Chicago at a restaurant that only takes cash. I got […]

Memorial Day 2014

I’m trying to have a four-day weekend. After I left off Friday, I biked over to E. Wash and hung the blinds. I’m kind of glad, as out of shape as I have been feeling, with that new spare tire around my waist (an extra 5-6 pounds, that’s a lot for my 5′ barely 3″ […]

How did that happen?

  Got home from work pretty hungry and had what seemed like a perfectly reasonable snack – a toasted slice from the loaf of long rise white I made a few days ago, with a little blue cheese on one end and a little goat cheese on the other, with a few sun-dried tomatoes. I […]

Mother’s day

  Breaking with a long time tradition, this year for Mother’s Day I did a High Tea, instead of brunch. In 2008, not sure which kids were around, but I made brunch. John & Al were in Milwaukee then, so maybe they both came back. In 2009, John graduated college, and I took my waffle […]

I’ve always loved graham crackers

When I was a semi-anorexic teenager, I pretty much lived on graham crackers, coleslaw (from the deli at Giant Eagle), hard boiled eggs, and apples. Honey Maid graham crackers have always been a staple of my pantry – for late night secret snacks of microwave S’mores – which I seem to write about, but not […]

The week that wasn’t

Or maybe week & a half. We’re talking about last week – March 3 – but this week – March 10 is also in the running. Everything is wasn’t, didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, can’t. I think everyone – or at least John and I – are stuck in the end-of-winter, time change, feel like it’s […]

Chicago trip to deliver students…

… to O’Hare. Our AFS student signed up for a trip to California, and was required by the travel service to fly out of O’Hare, so rather than getting up at 3:00 AM to get her to the airport in time for an 8:10 Saturday morning flight, we drove down on Friday night, and got […]