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It’s 2016!

This is the 799th post to this blog, and it’s five years old. So, I thought it’s a good time for a new blog – up to HTML5 and responsive standards. Take a look as things develop – right here. (

New year’s brunch – just us

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve – dinner at Lombardino’s and then went to see Big Eyes. I liked it a lot – and, of course I’m the right age to remember when those big eye kid posters were EVERYWHERE – particularly my pediatrician’s office. A quiet Eve, followed by a quiet Day. I […]

Weekend Cooking

Since it’s our first weekend after our first week back at work after the holidays – albeit a three-day week – we kept this weekend pretty open and easy. I’ve been trying to do lots of New Year type activities – straightening and organizing, using up, throwing away, recycling.  Walking more, and eating less sweets. […]


A lot of people have been saying that 2011 was a sucky year. In the women’s bathroom at the co-op the other day, on the chalkboard provided for grafitti, it said, “good riddance to 2011” but underneath someone else had written, “never wish for time to go away – it’s all you’ve got”, and below […]

Even though Julia says never apologize

I’m going to go ahead and tell you all the things that didn’t come out quite right – by my lights, not the diners – on the New year’s day brunch menu. First I somehow went brain dead, and instead of pilaf-ing the Hoppin’ John – that is transferring the rice and beans and liquid […]

New Year’s Day

New year’s day is always kind of a different day, and this year it’s a Saturday that feels like a Sunday. Al came in confused saying he couldn’t get the Packer game on the car radio while he was driving back from Chicago; he thought it was because all the stations were playing the Badger […]

What will the new year bring?

I listened to Bonny Wolf’s food predictions for 2010 this morning on NPR – I got up and made about half a cup of coffee at 7:00 (all I had grounds for) but got back in bed and stayed there with Mark until almost 9:00 – feeling very lazy, but as Mark pointed out, it […]

Coffee Cake

I ended up with a lot of plain, whole milk yogurt, and sour cream. I also had streusel, that was leftover from the raspberry danishes yesterday and a little of the raspberry filling.  This morning I made a coffee cake, kind of like one in the book Baked, but half the size.Sour Cream Coffee Cake […]

The holidays are not quite over

It’s kind of nice the way new year’s fell this year – the eve was Thursday, the day was Friday – so now it’s Saturday and it’s like our second Sunday in a row, and we still have another real Sunday tomorrow. Then I guess it’s back to cold hard reality Monday. Here’re some pictures […]

Happy New Year!

I thought it would take longer to do the new Word Press Debslunch, but it was easy peasy. I’m trying a theme by Andy Skelton & Scott Allan Wallick, which I think is the basis for Robyn Hitchcock’s new Word press site. It also seems to have a really nice little photo gallery in a […]