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Summer food is here, hooray!

John and Megan are here, so after I got done volunteering at the Art Fair, I came home and made a pork roast on the grill. I rubbed the meat with a paste of rosemary (the last of last year’s from the freezer, because we bought two new rosemary plants to put in a pot […]

Rainy Memorial Day weekend

The kind where you can stay in pajamas as long as you like. I woke up at 6:00, and really didn’t want to be awake, but knew that it was supposed to turn rainy, and thought I should get out for a walk. Laziness took over though, and reflecting that I had gone for two […]

Grillin’ for peace 2015

I think 2012 must be the year I didn’t go. There was no snow in February – and it was 80┬░ in March. This year, I made chili dogs, with the chili I made for the super bowl party, lugged to Chicago, by car and train, and when the party got blizzard-ed out, lugged back […]

Memorial Day 2014

I’m trying to have a four-day weekend. After I left off Friday, I biked over to E. Wash and hung the blinds. I’m kind of glad, as out of shape as I have been feeling, with that new spare tire around my waist (an extra 5-6 pounds, that’s a lot for my 5′ barely 3″ […]

Grillin for Peace 2014

The annual Grillin’ for Peace was Feb 1, 2014. It was a bittersweet celebration this year, because the founder, Tom Barry, died last summer. Sadly, and too soon – he was almost 5 years younger than me. But the event went forward, in its usual weird WI way. Grillin for Peace 2014 from Debra Shapiro […]

Oh, so lazy Memorial Day weekend

Saturday: didn’t get out of bed until 8:20. Headed to the farmers market to brave the crowds, hoping the cloudy grey weather, that seems to be always threatening rain, would keep the riffraff down. No such luck. So we just shuffled along, with all the slowpokes. Since I got a CSA box just Thursday, I […]

Grillin’ for Peace 2013

Little sliders with cheese inside, and brats. Flags. A dog named Toulouse wearing booties – who was amazingly well-behaved – didn’t even get near my foil pans of meat sitting on the ice. Cajun shrimp, chicken, jalape├▒os stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. And, while I was writing this, they just played Jerry Garcia […]

4th of July

I made this salad on 4th of July – it’s from Plenty, the cookbook from London’s trendiest deli, Ottolenghi. Grilled zucchini, basil leaves, toasted hazelnuts, shaves of Parmesan, olive oil. It was really good freshly made, but I took the leftovers for lunch and the basil tasted like soap – I just closed up the […]

Memorial Day weekend 2011

I decided to grill tonight, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, instead of one of the other days. I’d like to go to Bob Fest tomorrow, kids are here, etc., etc. Last year seemed a bit more festive. Al was back with another camp kid and it was already after the first week of camp […]


I just participated in my 4th straight GrillN4peace. The first time, I didn’t even take a grill, just a bucket of bread dough to grill on someone else’s. The year after was the wet year; it was 40 degrees in february, and we stood in 6 inches of melt on top of the ice cube […]