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Tuesday thoughts about the weekend past

Friday was Mark’s 64th birthday. I made a pie on Thursday night, so that we could come home after the first Madison symphony of the season on Friday and have pie and ice cream. We went out for dinner on Saturday, and I made his request for brunch on Sunday, but I don’t think I […]

Birthday dinner

  Julia Child’s birthday is August 15th, which was a Saturday this year, so that seemed like as good a reason as any to have my birthday dinner that night, even though my real birthday was the Tuesday before. Julia turned 103 – I’m a lot younger, I just feel like 103 sometimes. We had […]

Burst cherry tomato tart

Or, post farmers’ market lunch with visiting Seattle friends. Joe and Terry were here because Joe was officiating at the wedding of one of his students – we started hearing about this in January during the ALA conference in Philadelphia, because he was looking for some kind of Internet ordination that he could do, and […]

In Philadelphia with the librarians

So let’s see – got here on Thursday night around 9:00 – the plane landed around 7:45 but it took kind of a while to get into the city and checked in to the room. We’ve been spoiled by staying at boutique hotels like Kimptons. This is an Embassy Suites – huge cavernous space with […]

Oh, so lazy Memorial Day weekend

Saturday: didn’t get out of bed until 8:20. Headed to the farmers market to brave the crowds, hoping the cloudy grey weather, that seems to be always threatening rain, would keep the riffraff down. No such luck. So we just shuffled along, with all the slowpokes. Since I got a CSA box just Thursday, I […]

Fall Semester Family Dinner Night

Back in February, I did a Slow Food UW Family Dinner Night (looks like it was the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday). It was fun, and I wanted to do it again, and got scheduled to cook last night, October 1. It was the same routine: shop at the market Saturday, prep on Sunday afternoon, […]

First weekend of Fall

Yesterday the Farmer’s market was so gorgeous – it made you want to buy everything and start squirreling away stuff for winter. There’re still some summer crops like melon and tomatoes and corn, and fresh second growths of the herbs and greens that were looking wilted in the heat just a week ago. And the […]

Weeknight Cooking

So, I came home from work on Monday and started cooking to use up stuff from my CSA box and Farmers’ Market. On Sunday, Mark and I went to his work’s (WiLS) 40th anniversary picnic. We took corn on the cob, grilled, with cilantro lime butter for smearing, and the nun’s cookies – a kind […]

Solitary Sunday Breakfast

I’ve got the house to myself this weekend – Mark & Ethan & Abby went to Lollapalooza, but my distance students’ week long orientation starts Monday, and I didn’t think I could take the time – not to mention getting back to Madison at like 2:00 a.m. Monday. Al (& Emma) was here last night, […]

Family Dinner Night

I guest chef-ed for Slow Food UW on Monday night. Like I said, we did all the cooking Sunday afternoon. We made Unky Dave’s potato salad – 20 pounds of little yellow potatoes from Matt Smith, 10 pounds of sweet potatoes from Don’s Produce, 5 pounds of Tipi Produce carrots and a big bag of […]