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I hate the coconut cookies this year

They’re big dumb galoots. But the Pfeffernusse are small and cute, as they should be, and the Packers won on a Hail Mary and all Wisconsin went to bed happy. And earlier in the day, I made another kind of coconut cookie, Maida Heatter’s chocolate coconut slices, that I think I tried once before, and […]

Another Sunday’s cooking

I’m having a bit of trouble getting portfolio slideshow to display my picture captions – but I bet I can get it worked out, eventually. I made leek & ham tart for breakfast and roasted fingerling potatoes. With bacon on the side, so a heavy on the smoked pork meal, but so tasty. Hammie decided […]

Summer food is here, hooray!

John and Megan are here, so after I got done volunteering at the Art Fair, I came home and made a pork roast on the grill. I rubbed the meat with a paste of rosemary (the last of last year’s from the freezer, because we bought two new rosemary plants to put in a pot […]

A Work Week Back In Madison, After New York

I’m trying to remember what I ate for dinner my single girl nights this week. I know I was trying to just use what there was in my almost-empty fridge. Tuesday was the “Make-Hers“; Wednesday I think I had a big lunch – egg salad, a bagel, and then just some salad for dinner, with […]

Rhubarb custard tart – still my Waterloo

I’ve always said that rhubarb custard tart is my Waterloo, the recipe I can never get right. A few days ago, I thought I found a recipe that would work. I baked it last night, and even though this is definitely my best ever, I still had a few problems. I had too much custard, […]


We conducted a number of cooking experiments on Sunday, with mixed success. The Food 52 Sara’s Granola Bars, that I’ve been meaning to make probably since the recipe was posted in 2011, are delicious. My lime & white chocolate blondies recipe worked just fine with coconut oil instead of butter – but they’re still not […]

Do Over

  [note – lights set to flash 12X, so hang in, it won’t be forever] On Friday morning, before I got started grading in earnest, I re-made the springerle. Twice. The first time, I thought I had everything absolutely perfect, and then Mark came down to talk to me (car stuff, and we actually bought […]

Cookies Redux

For me the point of the cookies is giving them to people. Last year, I thought it was a good party, but a not so good cookie season, due to various fuck ups and mishaps – and cookies that just didn’t come out right. This year the fuck ups were even more profound, in terms […]

Made my quota …

I made all six kinds I thought I would on Sunday, more or less, but I’m not so happy at how everything turned out. The chocolate spritz are fine – I had a little trouble with the cookie gun, getting the handle end unscrewed in order to refill it – but compared to the pistachio, […]

Fooled by Martha again

I contend that Martha Stewart booby traps her recipes – it’s usually not in the ingredients. It’s usually in the method – she gives an instruction that  causes the recipe to fail, like the recipe for baby artichoke quiches, where she said to mix the wine & cream for the sauce together and heat them […]