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A week of harvest food pickups

At my computer at 7:28 AM on a Saturday, because we were awakened by Mark’s cat, who was trying to bury something in the bed … I will spare you the scatological details, but they involved a long-haired cat with a hairy butt, and a misunderstanding of what things really must be buried in her […]

Advising week

Advising week this year – which was last week already – at the library school probably wasn’t as busy as some. I had about 17 30-minute student appointments and last spring it was 21. I think I had more other meetings in between and all around the student appointments this year, though. I’m feeling uninspired […]

Three CSA boxes in a row

Because of going to TIFF, and rescheduling boxes, I’ve had three CSA boxes in a row. Here’s what was in each one, with what I’ve made so far listed following various vegetables. Pictures to follow when I have better light. September 24: Red potatoes, 3.5 lb – green bean casserole* Italian beans, 1.75┬álb – green […]

Birthday dinner

  Julia Child’s birthday is August 15th, which was a Saturday this year, so that seemed like as good a reason as any to have my birthday dinner that night, even though my real birthday was the Tuesday before. Julia turned 103 – I’m a lot younger, I just feel like 103 sometimes. We had […]

A cultural week

Rach got here on Monday and we had those big salads I was talking about last Sunday, topped with everything in the fridge, plus leftovers. Tabouli, beets, egg, leftover shrimp and steak, red wine vinegar vinaigrette made with scallions, because I had no garlic. On Tuesday I went to a reception at a library conference […]


I got two CSA boxes in a row, and then we ate carry out Friday, and at a steak house on Saturday. Three cucumbers, 4 patty pan, 1 zucchini, a couple of yellow summer squash, a bunch of scallions, one smallish fennel, half a purple onion (its uncut mate not shown), three Walla Walla onions, […]

Father’s day cooking

Mark wanted waffles for father’s day; his mom’s sour cream ones, that I made with strained yogurt. Rach bought some of this Wallaby nonfat Greek yogurt last time she was here, and even though I usually don’t like 0% fat, this was really nice and creamy. I looked for it at the co-op and they […]

Something new, something old

For dinner last night, I roasted potatoes and threw in sugar snap peas at the last minute. Ate them on top of salad greens with egg and croutons. Tonight I made this broccoli casserole that I’ve made many times. I used the thin slice Pepperidge Farm white bread, a.k.a. the soft white bread the recipe […]

Burst cherry tomato tart

Or, post farmers’ market lunch with visiting Seattle friends. Joe and Terry were here because Joe was officiating at the wedding of one of his students – we started hearing about this in January during the ALA conference in Philadelphia, because he was looking for some kind of Internet ordination that he could do, and […]

Just because