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A looong week

A long ass week, as John might say, or might’ve said when he was in high school. Sunday: I went to Library School graduation, and Mark went up to the Twins to watch his son graduate. After the SLIS graduation, I biked to the Capitol Square for the WORT block party, and got rained on. […]

A chilly April evening

I was going to go for a little bike ride after work – but the wind was cold and sharp and it looked like rain, so I decided against it. Years ago, I did an April is the cruellest month supper – and it was a warm day, almost too hot for the pork and […]

Man, what a day

A zillion things to do at work – tried out a new way to do screen captures, after the method I’ve been using created a recording with weird dropouts, and took forever to upload, email, email, email, meetings, meetings, meetings… Our evil governor (as my mechanic calls him) is being eviler than ever. He wants to cut $300 million […]

Dessert buffet — Debra Shapiro (@DebsLunch) January 9, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We’re having a pretty nice Christmas, despite the completely un-Christmasy weather – it’s 45 and sunny outside now, not a speck of snow to be seen. On Christmas eve, we did our traditional watch a silly Christmas movie and eat pizza. We replaced Love Actually with Scrooged this year. I wanted to do Nightmare Before […]

Random shots … er … thoughts

Just different

All through the holidays I kept having this feeling that this year, things were just different, somehow. I wasn’t as driven, maybe. I didn’t make cookies over when they didn’t come out right. I think I took less cookie-process pictures. I searched my blog archives, and started seeing similar posts from prior years, so I […]

The holidays vs. real life

The holidays are winding down, and real life is intruding – Over the weekend, I sold the old Toyota that John’s been driving, that belonged to Mark’s Dad. It’s probably worth at least $4000, but needs work that would cost someone  like me, who has to hire a mechanic to do it, at least $2000. […]

Flexible scheduling

We’re doing Christmas by flexible scheduling this year, time-shifting. John and Megan and Al and Emma all got here on Monday, sequentially. I was at work finishing grading, and John texted to say they were in town and going to the mall for last minute shopping, and did I want to get picked up because […]

Lose some, win some – and cookie list!!

This morning I tried a recipe for carrot jam, from the most recent Food & Wine Magazine. I had macerated the carrots over night with sugar and lemon juice and cinnamon sticks and whole cloves.  I started cooking the whole mess while I was doing laundry. The recipe said 40 minutes, or til the carrots […]