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Cookie party aftermath/meltdown

  I’m “working” at home on a Monday – I’m going to call it a sick day, laptop in bed with me grading – also sleeping. I woke up with a ridiculously sore throat at 12:42 last night, choked down three tylenol, debated whether I had to go get cultured for strep, and then emailed […]

Global-warmed winter in WI

An interlude in cookie season. Yesterday I packed all the boxes for shipping. I think Hammie wanted to help. It was raining all the while I was packing cookies, not very hard, but it got harder after dark. I kept checking the towel dams, and everything was dry until the last time at 11:00 when […]

Endurance Baking

A few years ago I had an art exhibition at my supper club house. One of the artists wanted to do something related to women’s work, and talked about endurance baking for a couple of days, which struck me as funny, since I do endurance baking for 2 – 3 weeks every year at cookie […]

I hate the coconut cookies this year

They’re big dumb galoots. But the Pfeffernusse are small and cute, as they should be, and the Packers won on a Hail Mary and all Wisconsin went to bed happy. And earlier in the day, I made another kind of coconut cookie, Maida Heatter’s chocolate coconut slices, that I think I tried once before, and […]

Thanksgiving 2015 and cookie season

We got back to Madison on a rainy Thanksgiving Day, and I started prepping for dinner on Black Friday. I did the pies – pumpkin chiffon, apple with cider caramel sauce and crumble top, and the most raved about cooking mag dessert from Bitten Word, the grapefruit cornmeal cake from November 2015 Food and Wine. […]

New year’s brunch – just us

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve – dinner at Lombardino’s and then went to see Big Eyes. I liked it a lot – and, of course I’m the right age to remember when those big eye kid posters were EVERYWHERE – particularly my pediatrician’s office. A quiet Eve, followed by a quiet Day. I […]

Winding down the holidays

I think I have the Christmas blues this year. Or at least I felt blue on Christmas day – not feeling Christmas-y, regretting the presents I’d given, the foods I made. Like I didn’t make a stollen or a Danish for breakfast, and nothing flaming for dinner. We had planked salmon, and roasted vegetables: squash […]

Christmas Day 2014

We’re having a pretty nice Christmas, despite the completely un-Christmasy weather – it’s 45 and sunny outside now, not a speck of snow to be seen. On Christmas eve, we did our traditional watch a silly Christmas movie and eat pizza. We replaced Love Actually with Scrooged this year. I wanted to do Nightmare Before […]

Do Over

  [note – lights set to flash 12X, so hang in, it won’t be forever] On Friday morning, before I got started grading in earnest, I re-made the springerle. Twice. The first time, I thought I had everything absolutely perfect, and then Mark came down to talk to me (car stuff, and we actually bought […]

Cookies Redux

For me the point of the cookies is giving them to people. Last year, I thought it was a good party, but a not so good cookie season, due to various fuck ups and mishaps – and cookies that just didn’t come out right. This year the fuck ups were even more profound, in terms […]