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Here we go –

On Tuesday there was one box of cookies in the vestibule, the Joy of Cooking Lebkuchen, a cookie that’s supposed to improve with age. Wednesday night I made the jam cookies, and I thought I had six trays … obviously can’t count, since there were seven, although one tray is actually a small ceramic dish […]

That slipping feeling

I guess this has just been a crazy week. We had tornadoes and straight line winds on Monday night, power outages on campus with no email or online courseware or main website, even,  on Wednesday, and even though we seemed to survive the storm OK here, on Friday morning after a night of what […]

Writing from memory

So behind …. Last time I wrote was Saturday, April 12. In between then and now, we went to Chicago for a short visit, I had most of a work week, including my annual review, and we had belated Passover on Good Friday. The Chicago trip was fun even though the weather wasn’t the greatest […]

Just different

All through the holidays I kept having this feeling that this year, things were just different, somehow. I wasn’t as driven, maybe. I didn’t make cookies over when they didn’t come out right. I think I took less cookie-process pictures. I searched my blog archives, and started seeing similar posts from prior years, so I […]

From polar vortex to wintery mix

I’m not sure, but think I like the vortex better. When it’s this little bit warmer, but damp, the cold seems more penetrating. Today we are having freezing fog. And now, for the walk home, it is black dark at 4:36 PM, with a mix of rain & snow.

End of the Apples

Man, I miss apples. Seems like forever since I’ve had a good one. During our weird hot snap in March 2012, the trees bloomed and then they never set fruit. The 2012 apple crop was down about 50%. Hardly any apples in the fall, and now that it’s spring, when the apples aren’t supposed to […]

Full circle

So we went off to Seattle, where it was 45° and rainy, leaving Wisconsin, where it was in the 30s and snowy. Over the course of the 4 days we were away, it warmed up and iced in WI, but the most drastic changes have been last night and today. It was 50° and pouring […]

Feeding 25 from my CSA box

My neighbor & walking friend, Ann, who’s a pediatrician, had a gathering at her house last night for people from the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network; mostly doctors & their families. She wanted me to make a couple of big bowls of salads, and some bars for dessert. Based on what I got in my CSA […]

Heat wave

Went for a walk this morning and tried to document the heat wave. I followed the bike path to the cemetery and came back through the neighborhood. Things were pretty deserted – most folks staying inside, sealed up in air conditioning – but there were people out on the bike path trying – like me […]

Fim Fest Food

On Wednesday, we went to Ian’s Pizza and had a couple slices and split a salad between movies – I had a potato, cheese & ranch dressing slice that was really good, and a feta, spinach and tomato that was less so – somehow the spinach had an old taste. There were two women interviewing […]