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The year I got a cold for Christmas

It was just me, John, and Mark for Christmas. I got up and made a kind of cafe miel – the day before’s coffee heated in the microwave with a big slug of milk, then honey stirred in and a little cream dribbled in. Then I baked the cinnamon rolls that had been rising in […]

Winding down the holidays

I think I have the Christmas blues this year. Or at least I felt blue on Christmas day – not feeling Christmas-y, regretting the presents I’d given, the foods I made. Like I didn’t make a stollen or a Danish for breakfast, and nothing flaming for dinner. We had planked salmon, and roasted vegetables: squash […]

Christmas Day 2014

We’re having a pretty nice Christmas, despite the completely un-Christmasy weather – it’s 45 and sunny outside now, not a speck of snow to be seen. On Christmas eve, we did our traditional watch a silly Christmas movie and eat pizza. We replaced Love Actually with Scrooged this year. I wanted to do Nightmare Before […]

Flexible scheduling

We’re doing Christmas by flexible scheduling this year, time-shifting. John and Megan and Al and Emma all got here on Monday, sequentially. I was at work finishing grading, and John texted to say they were in town and going to the mall for last minute shopping, and did I want to get picked up because […]

Cookie party/cookie season wrap up

Cookie season isn’t over yet, but it’s winding down. The party was Friday. It was a particularly nice one, somehow. Here’s what there was to eat: Buffalo chicken dip from the Frank’s hot sauce website, with celery sticks – coulda made a double batch. 5 pounds of hamburger made into cocktail meatballs – there were […]

Christmas breakfast

Was a large scale mess. I tried to make eggs Benedict with real Hollandaise – I used to make a batch of Hollandaise with 36 eggs and 6 pounds of butter on Sunday mornings at 6:00 a.m. when I opened for brunch at Ovens East – but the memory of doing that was not helpful […]


We’re having a merry little Christmas. John & Al are in California, so it was just me, Mark & Ethan opening presents. I got an immersion blender – the purple one – and 432 minutes of Julia on DVD. And some really pretty museum gift shop earrings. I took 3 big trays of cookies to […]

Christmas Dinner

We just had a Christmas dinner that couldn’t be beat – and the clean up took much less time than either Thanksgiving or the cookie party. We ate pork roast, mashed potatoes & celery root, sweet sour purple cabbage, and roasted green beans. And for dessert, orange flan that I flamed with Grand Marnier, and […]

Christmas Breakfast

For starters, we walked to Starbucks for coffee. Mark predicted it would be packed and it was, and largely our demographic – mom & dad out for coffee until the kids come back for Christmas. We sat down at a shared table, and when the other person already sitting there raised her head, it was […]

Christmas Eve Day

Despite my prediction of a grey Christmas turning out to be premature – we have a couple of inches of new white stuff that has been slowly accumulating since morning – Christmas Eve Day has provided probably equal parts of Christmas-y and UN-Christmas-y glimpses: Mark on his knees next to the couch by his ailing […]