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Cookie season & Thanksgiving 2015

OK, here’s the plan – I’m in Chicago, came down on the bus on Tuesday for the tree lighting. I started cookie season with the jam cookies on Sunday – 225 and they are all safe in the freezer – and on Monday, lebkuchen, or Basler Leckerli – a new blending of old recipes, plus […]

Missing the last outdoor market

  Right now, I am missing the last outdoor Dane County Farmer’s Market. I’m in Chicago to take Al out to dinner for his 27th birthday, which was just a little over a week ago. I’m not doing so well at taking pictures – and, even worse, looks like I never even posted about my […]

Moving apartments in Chicago

After a long week – I told you about some of it already – like the shelves trying to come down on my head on Tuesday when I was trying to get towels down to sop up the flood – I’m in Chicago to ┬ámove apartments. No internet because it’s already shut off at the […]

Where did the weekend go?

I think this was my weekend of taking in strays, or being a good Samaritan, or something like that. On Friday, I worked at home, and Mark got back from his Door County vacation. We had chips (leftover from new students orientation at library school) and fresh salsa and corn pudding for dinner. I made […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Last year my birthday was on a Monday, and I made pie and took it to a meeting. This year it was a Tuesday. We went to Chicago, looked at a new apartment, and went to baseball with the John and Megan. We picked them up at John’s apartment and a few of the guys, […]

Old & out of it

We went to see the Decemberists on the Friday night of our last Chicago cultural weekend; 3/27, my brother’s birthday. It was my call – I wanted to see them. I like the Decemberists because they’ve played with the other artists who I really follow – Peter Buck and Robyn Hitchcock, primarily. And, although I […]

Chicago entertainments

Lunch at Au Cheval We had burgers – they’re messy, with egg and aioli. The aioli is really good. I should’ve gotten bacon on mine and maybe skipped the egg. I liked the sweeter pickles that came in my Bloody Mary better than the ones that came on the burger – so I swapped them. […]

Chicago carryout breakfast

I wanted to go to Brobagel, on North Ave., because it’s one of the Jacobs Bros. Bagels brothers and they were my favorite Chicago bagel when I lived here 20 years ago. We rode up there on the red & blue lines, a surprisingly easy trip, even with Shamrock Shufflers going home from the race. […]

A Chicago weekend of no pictures

We came down to Chicago on Friday. I’d picked this weekend because it was the first one when I thought I could stay over till Monday since the library conference/Super Bowl/blizzard weekend. We walked over Publican straight from the train and it was kind of a miracle. One minute we were standing there with all […]

Snowy library conference

We’re having a blizzard in Chicago. I’m listening to a librarian update us on LoC cataloging stats – 77K more new person records, 3K new subject headings, and so on. It’s a big deal because library cataloging standards are undergoing big changes. The rules changed, from one acronym to another, AACR to RDA, and that […]