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Cat wrangling

The last time Rach was here, she was calling me “Deb Shapiro, MALS (masters in library science), CW (cat wrangler). This morning was cat wrangler to the max. And of course it’s Monday. Things started with Mark’s furry cat. She decided it was time to get back in bed & cuddle just as I decided […]

A looong week

A long ass week, as John might say, or might’ve said when he was in high school. Sunday: I went to Library School graduation, and Mark went up to the Twins to watch his son graduate. After the SLIS graduation, I biked to the Capitol Square for the WORT block party, and got rained on. […]

Oh, just FML

I decided to work at home today, and the workers in the mudhole that is my street are right under my window … this is after having to remove a drowned centipede from the cats’ water bowl, clean up the litter box after one of them pooped over the side, and clean up the other […]

Battered …

… but not fried. Yesterday was the 16th annual Food for Thought Festival, and I volunteered at the the main tent, the Thought Tent, for the Chef Showdown. It’s a kind of iron chef thing, with three local chefs trying to come up with the best dish using farmers’ market ingredients, in 25 minutes. I […]

I just want to eat chocolate and watch TV

I did two half sick, half work at home days this week – Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought the fluffy cat would be happy that I was home, but she pretty much ignored me. On Tuesday I made oatmeal bread. I pretty much stayed indoors and worked, but took it easy, except for a quick […]

Murphy’s Law

Back in the winter of 2010-2011, I was having pain in my left foot and went to see a physical therapist for a few sessions. It was hurting really badly when I was walking around in Pittsburgh while I was at the 2010 Dublin Core meeting. The therapist told me that it was a good […]

WI Film Fest, 2014 – Day 1

Today’s the first day of the WI Film Fest. We’re going to one movie, Salvo. I think it’s kind of an Italian gangster movie – IMDB says the main character is a hit man. Toni’s film studies teacher recommended it. The movie’s not until 8:45, so it’s already been a work day. Into the office […]

Going to hell in a handbasket –

– even faster than usual. The government is shutdown; the debt ceiling is looming – and what’s that going to do to my stock portfolio!??; my #1 son that I sent off to grad school so proudly barely a month ago is not too happy there; they’re predicting huge thunderstorms, unusual for October, and I […]

And now it’s Saturday

I’m waiting at the vet to see if the white cat’s hundreds of $$ of treatments & meds worked. Evidently I am getting yet one more thing – a $30 squirt bottle of ear cleaning fluid – to torment her with when I go home. Sigh. John’s broken ankle still has been cheaper than the […]

From Sunday to Sunday

  Trying to remember my week. Monday I worked at home, and spent a lot of time going back & forth between my desktop computer – for personal stuff – and my laptop – for work stuff – and being hopelessly intermingled most of the time. I took a break and did a little grocery […]