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It’s that time of year again ….

The deeps of summer, when I just want to hang out on the porch and read and drink iced coffee in shorts and flip flops. Or even – dare I say it – go on vacation, like everyone else. But instead, I am swamped with work, 28 students in internships to supervise via an online […]

So behind

It’s been an odd week, schedule-wise, and I haven’t posted anything since Monday a week ago, and now it’s Wednesday. Rach is here for an unusual Wednesday to omigod in the morning Thursday stay. Last week, Mark stayed in Chicago until Thursday, and this week he’s staying until Friday, and when he comes back he’ll […]

Not a good way to start, Random observations, too meta for me

I’m having a terrible time with this post. I wanted to write something quick about the sucky start my day had had on Wednesday. But I didn’t finish and kept on writing on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday, and got caught up in trying to record things that happened later, that seemed related, that I […]

Overworked, under-noticed, and generally crabby

I’ve read a few things recently about how creative people, and everyone really, need downtime to re-charge. I feel like I get the illustration of lack of downtime every semester, when I think oh, I’m going to re-vamp this course, and I have all these creative ideas … and then, in the rush to get […]

Had to be done

So this morning we slept in. It’s still black dark at 7:00 AM – can’t wait for daylight savings to end, but I guess it’s only another week. I thought I’d be able to get a little work in before breakfast but by the time I fed the cats, and brought in the newspapers, and […]

Lost long weekend

After a summer bookended by week long events that I was co-chairing (the teaching academy summer institute and the new distance students’ bootcamp), with 36 studnets in internships in between, I now am trying to get three online courses ready by next Tuesday, September 2. Which means that, since last Wednesday, the last time I […]

No-vacation summer

I have too big of a class for summer school – 35 – and Monday the new distance students in-residence orientation Bootcamp begins. So I haven’t really had any vacation yet, aside for going to the Prairie Home Companion 40th celebration – which was really fun, but I think was kind of more of a […]

Let me tell you about my day

First I went to a meeting that evidently had two agendas – the one that I was working from, that  said we were meeting from 9:00 to 10:30, and another one that said 9:00 to 11:00. I was so confused when the meeting ended at 10:50 and everyone said we were early. I had to […]

Veteran’s day

This Veteran’s day marks the Monday after a whole weekend without blogging for me. Others may mourn fallen soldiers; I mourn having free time. Friday we went to Toni’s cross-country banquet. It was at a sports bar over by the Coliseum. It lasted forever, because all the girls had silly presents for each other. On […]


Continuing on the theme of being not just busy busy, but stupid busy this fall, I am on day 2 of advising week, 34 30-minute appointments scheduled to discuss grad students in the Library & Info Studies program’s spring 2014 course selections. And how they’re doing in their program, in general. They’re mostly good students, […]