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TIFF 2015 – Friday

On Friday, our first movie wasn’t until 4:30. We got up, worked some, and then went to our second breakfast of the trip at The Senator. I had eggs and toast and bacon; Mark had an omelet with onions and Comte cheese. I took a photo of their glads to make try to make up […]

I’m in San Francisco, with the librarians

Saturday through Monday – coffee, a few breakfasts, gay pride and the Dead. And corn salad for Monday dinner, with grilled oysters and clam chowder (not shown).

Not sure what to call this one…

I started writing down a bunch of random impressions on Tuesday, and now it’s Friday and I’m in Texas. At the metadata conference, that was in Pittsburgh the last time I went. On Monday, Rach and I went for a nice long walk in the morning. I felt like I was getting stuff done, but […]

A week’s worth of winter dinners meals

With very few pictures. Monday we had leftover lasagna, with salad & garlic toast on the no knead bread I made Saturday. I tried to go easy on the lasagna and eat a lot of salad, but Rach came back with Trader Joe’s chocolate and I had to have some. She quoted one her grandmas […]

First Sunday at TIFF

  The Senator, Philomena, BBQ, and Dom Hemingway. Winners – Senator & Philomena. Second place – Dom; dead last – BBQ. We set the alarm for 6:45 in the morning and tried to add a film, but just didn’t quite make it. The Senator was a great breakfast in a warren of wooden booths – […]

Breakfast in Austin


How’m I doing?

With all my cooking assignments? The potato rolls turned into a potato focaccia, mostly white but with a little rye flour. Good for toast and sandwiches. I made the pork pies – got 12 little pies, and meant to photograph them yesterday while it was light – that went the way of all good intentions. […]

Long drive to Ohio

On the long drive to Ohio, after we passed the giant windfarm, we had breakfast at the Sunrise Diner in West Lafayette IN (at 3:00 p.m.) The #6 – eggs, choice of meat, choice of potatoes, toast, choice of a short stack of pancakes or biscuits & gravy. It was a little food-service-y: deep fried […]

Birthday breakfast

Still with the peaches, and the blue bowl cereal bowl I bought from King Arthur Flour, that I like to use for ice cream or oatmeal or yogurt and granola.

Saturday breakfast

Big Saturday breakfast – Ricotta with strawberries & strawberry jam; Alterra scone & grapes; pickled beets & egg