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What did I do all week?

Let’s see … on Sunday I baked cinnamon rolls & pecan sticky buns. And a loaf of long-rise bread that came out spongy, but good. I mis-timed the bread a little bit – I started it on Saturday around noon, so got up at about 6:30 – waaay too early for a Sunday – to  […]

Overworked, under-noticed, and generally crabby

I’ve read a few things recently about how creative people, and everyone really, need downtime to re-charge. I feel like I get the illustration of lack of downtime every semester, when I think oh, I’m going to re-vamp this course, and I have all these creative ideas … and then, in the rush to get […]

I just want to eat chocolate and watch TV

I did two half sick, half work at home days this week – Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought the fluffy cat would be happy that I was home, but she pretty much ignored me. On Tuesday I made oatmeal bread. I pretty much stayed indoors and worked, but took it easy, except for a quick […]

Aauggh DFDs

Data Flow Diagrams. I am taking a systems analysis and design class, in order to help me develop a new course for the Library School, to be offered for the first time in spring 2014, “Designing Information Systems”. The unit we are on now is data flow diagrams. In theory, I really like the idea […]

Thomas Keller Bread, pt. 2

So, here’s what I got for playing fast & loose with Mr. Keller’s instructions: A large, oddly shaped loaf – because I didn’t rise it in a linen-lined bowl nor bake it on a stone in an oven with steam-generating chain and rocks. And I probably didn’t dock it – make the cuts – correctly […]

Thomas Keller Bread, pt. 1

It’s -5° outside, and I am working at home, so I thought I could steal the time to start a dough for some good bread from my new Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery book, knowing that it will be a multi-day process, with short bursts of activity. The first step was reviving my sourdough starter that’s […]

Time shifted

I saw a newspaper headline today that said that the mid-week 4th of July holiday is confusing would-be vacationers & tourists – it’s too hard to make the Wednesday 4th add into a 3- or 4-day weekend, and nobody wants to burn the extra days off work, or figure out when to travel, when to […]

Bread, the next morning

I was worried about this bread when I took it out of the oven – it seemed spongey rather than crusty, and I was afraid, because of the hot weather, that it would be like a sour dough loaf I baked last fall, on a hot day, that came out big and overblown and white. […]

Advising week

It’s still “unseasonably warm” here is WI – it was 81° today, ad it’s still in the high 60s at almost 10 p.m. In the morning, Rach and I walked, and because I thought my first advising appointment was by Skype, I figured I’d just do it at home. But when I got on and […]

Could it be …

A new form of dieting? Over the weekend, I kept thinking about what if I tried to photograph everything I eat, before I eat it. I started today. This is the multi-grain cereal I just had for breakfast at work – Heidi’s recipe, but I didn’t soak it over nigh this time, and I only […]