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Not a good way to start, Random observations, too meta for me

I’m having a terrible time with this post. I wanted to write something quick about the sucky start my day had had on Wednesday. But I didn’t finish and kept on writing on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday, and got caught up in trying to record things that happened later, that seemed related, that I […]


We conducted a number of cooking experiments on Sunday, with mixed success. The Food 52 Sara’s Granola Bars, that I’ve been meaning to make probably since the recipe was posted in 2011, are delicious. My lime & white chocolate blondies recipe worked just fine with coconut oil instead of butter – but they’re still not […]

Nukhorns – Done!

I feel like a great weight has lifted. Yesterday I turned these: into these: In sort of two installments. I had 11 dough balls, of which I got 5 rolled out and baked by 3:00. We walked over to a friend’s Christmas party – a pleasant gathering of mostly librarians and teachers. It took about […]

Indoor BBQ

Last night was the 2nd Dinner at DebS. There were 8 guests and three of us. It went pretty well, I think. We had a multi-generation group, WWII, Boomers, Gen X, 30-somethings, and one teenager.  I have been worried that these smaller diners might get awkward – this one had a few moments, but overall […]

Joys of winter


Sunday bloody Sunday

What a day. Got up and made the Boomerangs, a.k.a Rose’s Crescents. That went well, although I think they’re a touch on the large side. Pictures are in the prior post. But things kind of went downhill from there. I was going to walk downtown and get my work laptop. I thought I’d need it […]

Snowed in – or something

I tried a slightly different kind of event this afternoon at School Woods – sort of a tea, an afternoon buffet of desserts and snacks.  I thought the food was really nice. Only a small group of diners showed up to enjoy it, though – must be the weather, or who knows what. It’s snowing […]

Election Night!

Click the map for what I did when I got home from working the polls – we registered 516 voters at my polling place! And almost 2500 voters all day.  

A little baking on the side – and a little brunch

On Saturday, I went up to Reedsburg to assist Terese Allen with a cooking class, demoing recipes from a couple of her books, for the fermentation fest. I made green tomato mincemeat bars – moist and hard to cut, but really yummy. Too bad it was such a rainy day, but I enjoyed the drive, […]

Could it be …

A new form of dieting? Over the weekend, I kept thinking about what if I tried to photograph everything I eat, before I eat it. I started today. This is the multi-grain cereal I just had for breakfast at work – Heidi’s recipe, but I didn’t soak it over nigh this time, and I only […]