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A week of harvest food pickups

At my computer at 7:28 AM on a Saturday, because we were awakened by Mark’s cat, who was trying to bury something in the bed … I will spare you the scatological details, but they involved a long-haired cat with a hairy butt, and a misunderstanding of what things really must be buried in her […]

What did I do all week?

Let’s see … on Sunday I baked cinnamon rolls & pecan sticky buns. And a loaf of long-rise bread that came out spongy, but good. I mis-timed the bread a little bit – I started it on Saturday around noon, so got up at about 6:30 – waaay too early for a Sunday – to¬† […]

Seized and throttled

Years ago there was a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about not just seize the day, seize the day and throttle it. I don’t think it’s this one is exactly – rather than Calvin in the tub, I think it had Hobbes all tattered & torn. I went to the Willy Street Fair on Sunday morning, […]

Guilty pleasures

Last night I got home from work – the first day of my new distance students’ week-long orientation – tired and hungry. It wasn’t quite 6:00 p.m. but I decided to make myself some nice snacks and eat them while watching the new episode of vampires on HBOGo. I fed the cats early, too, so […]