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Global-warmed winter in WI

An interlude in cookie season.

Yesterday I packed all the boxes for shipping. I think Hammie wanted to help.


Hammie helping


Boxes in vestibule, the not very cool vestibule since it’s 58 degrees outside

It was raining all the while I was packing cookies, not very hard, but it got harder after dark. I kept checking the towel dams, and everything was dry until the last time at 11:00 when I thought I’d be able to sit, relax, watch the cable shows. Uh, no – big flood when I went down, up under the bed, the rug … the clean up procedure is load the wettest towels into buckets, carry them to the other side of the basement, spin them until they’re damp dry in the washer, and then either replace as dams, or run through the dryer. I sopped, went for more towels, got a load in the dryer, watched some TV, went to bed and kept setting timers to go down and keep checking.

Not a good night. Followed by not a good morning, when I went down and had to do more towel swapping and spinning and drying, wiped up my trail of muddy footprints from the night before, and then stepped in cat poop while scooping the litter. Last night I thought I should sit on the side of the bathtub and wash my feet with nice warm water, but I never got around to it until morning. As I was sitting in the bathroom smoothing on some dry foot cream, I heard the white cat puking in my room, beyond.

But I got all the boxes shipped – 18 in all.

And here are the cookie pics from the last week:

Tomorrow a little cookie party south in Chicago – hard squash hummus, goat cheese with leeks, meatballs, cookies. Then back home to shop for the real party on Saturday.

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