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Congrats to new Willy Board members!

And shucks, I’m not one of them, by a mere 16 votes. And actually, I’m sure that I lost for two simple reasons – 1) the alphabetical order factor; and 2) not smiling in my picture.

1) Because my last name starts with “S”, in order to read my candidate statement on the co-op website you had to go “next”, “next”, “next”, “next” 12 times – I was second to last out of 13 candidates. Even in the printed Willy Street Reader, you still had to leaf thru 12 other candidates to get to me. 2) Every other Willy Board election I had John take my picture. This time Board assistant Stephanie took it, and she’s a sweetheart, but it’s just not as appealing a picture – and I hate getting my picture taken so much, I didn’t really look at it, nor OK it when she took it.

Left, 2009, by John : Right, 2012 by Steph

ah well, so it goes – it’s a tough world out there – no room for sloppy marketing. “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

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